Can I create a people pipeline even though people are quitting?
HR Questions>Can I create a people pipeline even though people are quitting?

Can I create a people pipeline even though people are quitting?

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Rupa Chowdhry asked 2 years ago

1 Answer
Jean replied 2 years ago
Hi Rupa,

Yes, you can. Corey Berkey, SVP of People and Talent at Jazz HR, shares several important aspects of developing a talent pipeline in a highly competitive market:

1. The importance of your employer brand

Keeping candidates engaged while waiting for an opportunity comes down to their perception of your brand in many ways. As you make the opportunity to work with your business more attractive, candidate interests can be sustained even when there aren’t opportunities immediately available. You can strengthen your brand by participating in local surveys for best places to work, focusing on your culture, and helping candidates picture what it would be like to work for your company.

2. Managing the candidate experience

Think about the candidate experience you provide, because the person who isn’t the right fit for a job today could be a great fit for a different role down the road. Try applying to your own jobs to see what the process feels like, fine-tune your communication process, and set clear expectations with candidates.

3. Leveraging technology to build a talent pipeline

Your marketing team may already have tools available that can be effective in communicating with candidates throughout the recruitment process. Email campaigns can be a great way to keep candidate leads warm and let them know you’re interested in continuing the conversation with them when the time is right.

For more information on building a strong talent pipeline, watch the video below.

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