Does an employee write up about a policy violation need to be part of the employee handbook?

Kru asked 2 years ago
I have to write an employee up for poor performance and discrepancies of documentation and reports for one of my employees. The policy is not documented anywhere that an employee will receive a violation notice when they do anything wrong in this area.
By law do I need to have that documented in the employee handbook or verbal communication/instructions followed by written violation write up?
Thank you.
1 Answer
Lora replied 2 years ago
Hi Kru,

A best practice for a company would be to have policies that outline behaviors that employees are expected to follow. Creating these policies and applying them to all employees shows it is a standard that you are holding everyone to and this employee is not being singled out.

With this in mind, your company will want to consider having a policy in place if you intend on disciplining employees for certain behavior.

When it comes to performance issues, then you will want to turn to your employee’s job description to ensure their performance matches the expectations of the job.

If you need additional assistance with this question, then I would recommend consulting your compliance team. In addition to this, Zenefits has an Advisory Team that can also review your options in this specific situation. You can find additional information on our team in the article linked below: