How do we apply for small business help during this shutdown?
HR Questions>How do we apply for small business help during this shutdown?

How do we apply for small business help during this shutdown?

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Corey asked 4 years ago
We want to keep our operations going and pay our staff during the shut down, how do we get help with this, should it be needed?

1 Answer
Jesse replied 4 years ago
Hi Corey. A lot of businesses are feeling the same pressures. And much praise to you for putting your staff first and wanting to pay them.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) has announced it will make low-interest loans available to impacted businesses. In order to qualify, the governor of the state where your business is located needs to request that the SBA declare the region of your business as impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. More on this here:

I don’t know where your business is located, but I would monitor your county website and state websites for announcements on that part of the process happening. The governor of Maine kicked off that part of the process for her state yesterday.

In all likelihood, once your region is approved, you would be able to apply here:

I know this might seem like too little, but a lot of business owners I have spoken with have started offering services for a future date with promotional discount if bought now. The idea being to capture some revenue now as we wait out these shutdowns.

Wishing you and your team the best.

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