How does your small business use social media? How do you measure its success?
HR Questions>How does your small business use social media? How do you measure its success?

How does your small business use social media? How do you measure its success?

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Brittany asked 4 years ago
1 Answer
Riia O’Donnell replied 4 years ago
Small businesses use social media, like FB, Insta and Twitter pages, to promote their products and services across a variety of networks. It can start with your friend groups, asking contacts to share with their groups, and/or you can join groups around your community to promote your business. Chambers of Commerce or Village/Towns often have community pages that will let you link to your social accounts. Look for the resources nearest you to begin (if your business is more regional) or wider nets if your business is online.
FB, Insta, Twitter and LinkedIn all have tools small businesses can access to self-promote. Some are free, others are fee-based, but they can target your audience or demographic more specifically than casting a wide net on social media. Look at the tools available on all your social pages (and yes, you should be on all of them) to see what might work for you.

How do you know it’s working? Sales! Word of mouth, increased online or foot traffic after leveraging social media may give you some idea, but asking people specifically how they found you is a better way to gauge what’s working for your business and what is not. Some companies offer coupons or discounts through social to see if they’re getting a response – that’s a good start. Others look at the metrics the platform provides to see if they’re getting clicks that convert to sales. Start with the biggest platforms at the lowest price point and build from there! Good luck!

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