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Is short-term loyalty is a good thing?

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Amanda asked 1 year ago
The average time an employee stays at a company has shrunk drastically. Is shorter commitment a good thing?

1 Answer
Jean replied 1 year ago
Hi Amanda,

Danny Speros, VP of People Operations at Zenefits, has explored the decrease in employee tenure and how it can be a good thing. Here’s what he found:

1. The shift in tenure

Career-long tenure with a single organization has gone from the norm to the exception. As of 2020, typical employee tenure had shortened to 4.1 years. Companies and people are no longer making career-long commitments to each other, people are seeking out roles that align with their goals, and the workplace as a whole is shifting.

2. Short-term loyalty can be a good thing

These changes can benefit both employees and employers. Employees can fill roles that offer what they need for their personal and professional growth, and employers can hire people who are excited about the roles they have. Both parties can help each other along their journeys and gratefully part ways when the time is right.

For more insight on short-term loyalty, watch the video below:

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