Policy Book for W9 Contract Employees

Dawn asked 2 years ago
The physician has opened his own medical practice. We have 5 employees including the physician. The physician chose for all employees to be w9 contract labor. I was wondering how to obtain a policy book for office so each employee can sign understanding they are w9 employees with hours being flexible, some work can be remotely completed at home.
1 Answer
Ben replied 2 years ago
Policy books are for employees. Employment/work contracts are for W9 contract labor. The physician does not get to "chose" to treat employees as contractors. There are tests used by the State and Federal governments to determine if the relationship is an employee / employer or a business / contractor relationship. Before writing up or pulling a contract labor agreement off the internet, the physician needs to talk with a CPA and a Lawyer. Mistakes in this area are career / business ending events.