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What are some best practices I should know as a people leader?

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Scott Bailey asked 1 year ago

1 Answer
Jean replied 1 year ago
Hi Scott,

Great question. Jean Spencer, Director of Marketing Programs at Zenefits, shares the following about the People Operations Assessment — a short quiz that sets you up for success with employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

1. What is People Operations? First of all, what is People Operations, and how is it different from traditional HR? People operations is a specific philosophy and methodology of HR. It’s distinct from traditional HR because it aims to not only address the administrative and compliance functions of a company, but also focuses on advancing employees and designing work systems that increase productivity throughout an organization.

2. What is the People Operations Assessment? The People Operations Assessment is a short but thorough online questionnaire business leaders or HR teams can take to measure their People Operations maturity. After you complete the online survey, you’ll get a detailed scorecard on your People Operations maturity including an overall score, eleven sub-scores that measure your sophistication on specific HR functions, and personalized recommendations for each category.

3. Why should you take the assessment? The labor market has shifted in lasting ways and become dramatically more competitive. Recognizing a few critical changes that will give your employees a reason to stay with you could make or break your organization. The assessment helps you focus on some hotspots to improve now, while other areas don’t need as much attention. It’ll also reveal things you didn’t know you didn’t know, like how top-performing HR teams are managing benefits and best practices in DEI.

Learn more about the assessment in the video below, then take it for yourself! 🙂

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