What are your main challenges when hiring remote?

Daniel asked 1 year ago
I've found myself in a hard and complicated position, the best talents that I've found do not match my time zone or if they do they are way up from my current budget.

So, I'm building up a document with all the challenges that we normally face and the goal is to have it ready in a month.

Would you share with me your biggest challenges?
2 Answers
Jesse Staff replied 1 year ago
I've hired teams remotely for a decade now, and there are always challenges. But to me the benefits of remote outweigh the cons -- by a mile.

But that said, it still has its challenges. The top challenges for me include:

1. Introduction into the culture of the company. For centralized workplaces, you just have the candidate come in and spend a day. How much of the culture they glean from that day or two in the workplace is suspect, but is easier than trying to capture the work experience through a series of Zoom calls. The way I deal with this is by inviting final candidates to join our less formal Zoom gatherings, so they can get a sense of interactions outside of scheduled meetings.

2. Scheduling interviews. This is honestly not as easy as it would seem. The main issue is that for interviews in-person, the candidate would usually just take a day off to do a stretch of back-to-back interviews. But in the current environment, a lot of candidates feel less comfortable asking for that much time off or away from their laptops/phones.

Would love to see your list!
Julia replied 1 year ago
1. I too have been hiring remote workers for over 15 years now, interviews and intro into the company culture is not really a challenge for me BUT accountability and keeping the worker motivated and productive are my top challenges. I have set goals and some work really diligently to achieve them and others start out working to the end but never seem to get there, the lose steam along the way. I would love to hear how others manage to overcome this and end up with a staff of remote workers that are top notch.