Millennials in Workplace: Reversing Negative Stereotypes

Millennials have earned the title of presumptuous and demanding, but from a slightly different perspective, these can be beneficial qualities.

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According to stereotypes, the Millennial employee will always be the one to ask for a raise first, to demand yoga and vegetarian lunch options, and to spend the work hours texting on personal devices.

This generation has earned the title of being presumptuous and demanding; like any sweeping generational stereotypes, this isn’t true, nor is it fair. However, perhaps their characteristics or behaviors have been misinterpreted, and from a slightly different perspective, these can be beneficial qualities. When we take time to understand those we work with, we’ll be better equipped to understand their needs, passions, and goals. Learn how to reverse these negative stereotypes about Millennials in the workplace.

Differences Between Millennials and Generation X Employees

Gen X individuals tend to be very stuck in the process. There’s often an expectation with the way things are supposed to work according to what they are used to. Whereas Millennials are entering the workforce, they have different expectations and bring more creativity to the workplace. Millennials also ask more questions relating to why we do what we do when it comes to process and workflow.

Another significant difference is the expectations of the company. Millennials hold their organizations to a higher standard than previous generations. These younger workers want more buy-in and information about why they are doing what they are doing. Generation X typically have more of a “get the job done” mentality.

Managing Different Expectations

Sometimes Gen X employees require more coaching and mentoring than Millennials. Due to the blending of generations in the workforce, Generation X must be accepting of what Millennials are bringing to the workplace because they are the future of work.

Millennials in the Workplace: Management Challenges

The biggest challenge is managing expectations. With the rise in startup culture, it can be difficult to explain the realistic speed of progression and career trajectory. It’s crucial to emphasize the importance of patience to obtain the necessary experience to grow within the organization.

Without proper training and longevity within a position, employees run the risk of rising too quickly and crumbling under the weight. Years of experience help build the fundamental principles and skills needed to succeed in more advanced roles.

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