Writing a New Employee Welcome Email? Steal These Experts’ Tips

Three HR experts provide their tips for writing a new welcome email.

new hire welcome email

If hiring feels like a marathon, then onboarding can seem like a sprint. Your new hire is starting soon. Or maybe a team of new employees are arriving. What now?

Obviously, you want that new employee to feel welcome, productive and excited. And not only for altruistic reasons. A happy, enthusiastic employee can add to the company’s goals faster. And sending an email to welcome your new hire is a small, but important, early step to that onboarding process.

But you don’t need to start from scratch. We asked three experts working in actual small businesses to share their approach to new hire emails. Here’s the gold they provided.

Do you send a new welcome email to every new hire? Do they differ based on role, seniority or any other factors?

Brittany Martin, People Operations Coordinator – MeUndies

Here at MeUndies we do indeed send a welcome email to every new hire– that is universal. To make the first day as seamless as possible, we do not share any details as to what their first day will entail. This is to avoid any unnecessary preparations, we handle everything!

We cover a few specifics; lighthearted things like letting them know a morning shower is optional, making sure they have the perfect pump up song for their drive in, not to bring a lunch, but to remember to bring their employment verification documents; then, where to go and what to do. Followed by the more exciting things like how to set up their email and utilize their membership/employee discount. Lately, we’ve been adding a save-the-date to get new hires excited for our three-day annual retreat in Santa Barbara.

Lastly, we introduce the new hire to our stellar people operations team who are all CC’d on the email, aka their biggest advocates for anything they may need here.

Sarah Hiller, Director of Operations – StringCan Interactive

I do send an email to every new hire! The email template is saved in our Google Drive and addresses things like parking, what to wear, where to buy lunch, what their first day will look like, scheduling breakfast with their supervisor, I-9 documents, their computer and email set up, and introducing the team. The team then replies with a welcome meme, which is really fun, especially when the new hire replies with something awesome. Then when they walk in the door on their first day they already feel like a part of our StringFam.

Do you include a list of team members in your welcome email? Why is this important?

Jenna Mullikin, Human Resource, and Talent Acquisition Manager – EmeSec Incorporated

We do include a list of team members in our welcome emails. It’s important to introduce virtually before the start date whom they will be reporting, back up for this person, and any team members they will be working with directly. We are a government contractor, so we have employees that will sometimes report to another company’s lead. It’s important to establish this connection to make the first day go smooth.

What do you consider must-haves in a new employee welcome email?

Sarah Hiller, Director of Operations – StringCan Interactive

I think for any company, and for us, the must-haves in a new employee welcome email are friendly tone, excitement, and covering ALL of the details to make sure they feel like they are already part of the team when they walk in. They are able to sit down after their breakfast meeting (which is casual and fun) and work at their desk on their computer that is already set up. They also have an all-day meeting with me to go over everything as well as an onboarding sheet/checklist that has 1-2 weeks of tasks. It’s so important that every team member that starts working here feel like they already belong and that they are serving a purpose, they are valued, and we are excited to have them.

3 experts on onboarding

(From left to right: Jenna Mullikin, Brittany Martin, Sarah Hiller)

How long does it take to create a new hire welcome email typically?

Brittany Martin, People Operations Coordinator – MeUndies

It is a universal email. They all take a quick 5 minutes after adding some personal touches to our template. Depending on what we’ve learned about the new hire throughout the interview process, we’ll sprinkle as many thoughtful lines in as possible.

What fun stuff do you include in your welcome email?

Sarah Hiller, Director of Operations – StringCan Interactive

One of my favorite parts about our email is copying the team because they respond with a warm welcome and a super fun meme or gif. The new team member feels like a part of the group and they always reply with something awesome. It’s a fun way to get to know their personality.

When do you send your welcome email?

Jenna Mullikin, Human Resource, and Talent Acquisition Manager – EmeSec Incorporated

The welcome email goes out in a week of advance. I send a week out so it’s not too far in advance that they lose it, but far enough out to allow questions if needed.

Brittany Martin, People Operations Coordinator – MeUndies

We send our welcome email exactly 1 week prior to the new hire’s start date. Mostly due to the fact some are traveling or finishing up at their current company. We want to make sure we leave enough time for them to get their email set up and ask any outstanding questions.

Sarah Hiller, Director of Operations – StringCan Interactive

We love having our new hires start on a Wednesday. They get the full day with me and then Thursday and Friday to get their groove on. I like to send the email on the Friday before their start date. I think it’s important that they have time to enjoy their weekend knowing that they will be taken care of the day they start. Starting a new job can be stressful, so knowing what you’re going in to can make them feel at ease.


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