Quiz: Is My Company Culture Positive or Negative?

Take this quiz to find out how your company culture stacks up.

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Quiz: Is My Company Culture Positive or Negative?

Do you ever think of your workplace culture as having a “personality”? If you do, is it a personality you like and admire or one you dread facing each workday?

Workplace culture gives an organization its character and personality, according to ERC, an HR services firm and data provider. A company’s values, beliefs, behaviors, attitudes, and traditions forms its unique culture — which can be positive or negative.

You’re not likely to tolerate someone with a negative personality, so why tolerate a negative office culture?

What makes an office culture positive or negative?

The Predictive Index, a talent optimization platform, describes a toxic culture as one in which employee morale, trust, and sense of psychological safety spiral downward to unhealthy levels. Simply put, toxic cultures stress out workers.

The top causes of a negative culture are:

Bad bosses

Tamica Sears, author of How to Tell if You’re an A**Hole Boss, agrees with the saying: People don’t leave organizations, they leave bosses. “In my 20-plus years as a human resource professional, I can tell you with absolute certainty that this is the case,” said the veteran HR consultant in a media release.

More than half of the employees in a 2021 poll said they quit their jobs because of a bad boss, The worse boss traits were taking credit for subordinates’ ideas, micromanaging their work, and bullying them.

Toxic employees

Workers who fit in this category are complainers, overly confident, self-centered, irresponsible, and unethical in getting ahead, They’re also labeled as gossips, backstabbers, underperformers, and know-it-alls.

Employees’ negative behavior can spread throughout the workplace, causing coworkers to stress out or adopt the same negative behavior.

Unlawful conduct

Despite state and federal laws banning bias and sexual misconduct, employees still face discrimination based on race, gender, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation and unwanted sexual advances in the workplace.

Toxic cultures tend to overlook or dismiss discrimination and sexual misconduct claims, creating a hostile work environment for employees.

Take the positive-negative culture quiz

Is your office culture positive or negative? Take this quiz to find out how your company culture stacks up and what you can do to fix it.

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