Recruiting the Next Wave of Millennial Employees? Follow These Steps

Millennial employees are taking the modern workforce by storm. What do the hot employes have in common that they’re using to attract their cutting-edge talent? Find 5 tips to get you in the game.

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The arrival of summer might have most people thinking about watching waves from the beach. But for employers, there’s another wave coming in: millennial employees.

As of today, millennial employees already represent the largest generation in the workforce. What’s more is that this trend will only continue to grow as 20.4 million students were expected to be enrolled in college last year alone, only four years away from (hopefully) finding jobs. With the new class of 2018 college graduates trading in their student IDs for work IDs, employers are thinking about how to lure them. But it’s not as simple as it sounds. Many millennials are opting for more interviews before accepting an employment offer. And with wages barely moving for this new class of workers, employers — especially small businesses — need to find ways to sweeten the pot.

In order to stand out amongst the crowd, your strategy for recruiting millennial employees must be tailored to their unique needs. From meeting expectations they have for the work they’ll be doing to accommodating their statuses as digital natives, here are the steps you need to follow to get millennials to join your ranks.

Step 1: Enhance your online presence

First thing’s first; it’s important to remember that this group grew up with the Internet. It’s central to how they run their lives, including how they search for jobs and decide where they want to work. New graduates often lean on Glassdoor for an inside look at whether or not your office would be a good fit by assessing perks, benefits, wage benchmarks, team photos, company outings and more. Take a moment to asses your company’s page and see how you can infuse even more life into it. 

Of equal importance is your company’s social media presence. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are all key hubs that millennials visit to glean what life is like from an employee perspective. If you’re not active on these channels already, there’s no time like the present. 

Step 2: Highlight your values and mission statement

Not only do Millenials want to do meaningful work (just like the rest of us), they also want to feel a personal connection to their employer’s mission. “Culture is a top factor when recruiting millennials” and one of the biggest pulls for young workers is “whether the company’s culture aligns with their values,” says the Society for Human Resources Management.

Take a moment to clarify your company’s mission and values (haven’t built them yet? Get started with our Employee Handbook template). Highlight any commitments made around corporate responsibility or other community efforts like volunteer time off. Any elements that demonstrate prioritizing social good is sure to get the millennial job seeker’s attention.

Step 3: Conduct team interviews

Empower your team by including them on interview loops. Not only does this boost morale and help build internal leaders, the candidate will be able to see just how diverse and involved your team really is. Team interviews are one way that you can show prospective millennial employees that you practice what you preach in your values and mission statement.

Step 4: Allow shadowing

One of the most effective ways to showcase what life at your company is really like is by allowing prospective employees to shadow your team. However, it’s important to note that shadowing (and not working) is the only thing that may occur as allowing a non-employee to work can come with employment violations. Allowing this inside look benefits both you and the candidate by seeing if there’s a mutual fit.

Offering a shadowing program will allow you to see how the candidate would interact with your larger team and gives them a chance to understand if the work really is what they’re looking for. Since Millennial candidates can be picky and aren’t afraid to leave a job in the dust, this step can save you a lot of time and frustration in the long run.

Step 5: Discuss more than pay

Once you reach the offer letter stage, it’s important to go beyond pay details and highlight the benefits of working for your company. Do all of your employees get to work from home one day each week? Does your office participate in Summer Fridays? Are there professional development opportunities that these recent graduates can take advantage of? Make sure to underscore these unique aspects of your company during this stage.

More than any other generation before, millennials are looking for more than just a paycheck from work. They want fulfilling activities that go beyond monetary gains. By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be onboarding that millennial talent to your team in no time. Good luck!

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