Rethinking Small Business Saturday: A New Way To Think About Growing Your Business

The only way to grow aggressively is to create a foundation for your people. In the spirit of Small Business Saturday, discover tips and tactics for growth.

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At Zenefits, we work with over 10,000 growing businesses around the country. With the holidays upon us, we wanted to offer our thoughts on one in particular: Small Business Saturday.

Created to encourage communities to “shop small” and help growing businesses put themselves in front of more shoppers, independent small businesses raked in $14.3 billion last year alone. While we applaud any event that supports small businesses, we wonder—how much more growth is possible? With the right tools, how much more can any one company accomplish?

Is the real key to growth more local marketing and focused sales, or something else?

Why growth comes from within

After working with thousands of HR leaders, owners, and executives across diverse industries, we know that the potential for small businesses to build more, sell better, and connect with more clients is huge. We’ve also spent time thinking about what’s fueled our own growth, and what we’ve discovered over the years is that the only way to grow aggressively is to create a firm foundation for your people.

Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202%. (Gallup Engagement Poll, 2015)

How do you engage your employees? How do you recognize them, train them, and develop them? How much transparency do you grant them? How do you help them communicate? What tools do you use to facilitate all of this, and are they working?

In the weeks leading up to Small Business Saturday, dig into these hard questions with us to remedy your toughest (and sometimes most invisible) growth challenges. Keep your eyes peeled for:

  • Stories about how the businesses we work with fuel their own growth
  • Advice around growth-friendly resources and strategies
  • Opportunities to ask and get help with your unique people problems
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