Communicating With Your Employees About the 2022 Russian Invasion of Ukraine

During times of trouble, it can be difficult to know how world events are taking their toll on your employees.  We’ve put together a few resources to help you navigate the current conflict.

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It can be hard to know how to communicate effectively about international conflicts, and how it could be affecting your employees not only as individuals, but the general mood of your workforce. Here are three ways you can offer help and consolation to your teams.

1. Sample Email about the 2022 Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Subject: Russia – Ukrainian Conflict
Dear Colleagues,
As we watch the international tragedy unfolding in Ukraine, the courage of the Ukrainian people and the bravery of their leadership is certainly evident.

There are many people impacted in different ways by these events and our thoughts are with them during this unprecedented time.

We recognize what is occurring is unsettling and want to make sure you are aware of the many resources available through the Employee Assistance Program (insert your link here)  to help provide support, if needed.

And as we hope for peace, let’s also never underestimate the power of compassion, kind words and meaningful actions toward others during this time.

Although it has been difficult to absorb the gravity of the situation, my thoughts are first and foremost with the people of Ukraine.  If you wish to assist the Ukrainian people by providing humanitarian aid, here are a few links to organizations to support.

List of Ukraine Aid Charities

BBB Vetted U.S. Charities

GlobalGiving: BBB Wise Giving Alliance ReportUkraine Relief Activities

International Rescue Committee:BBB Wise Giving Alliance ReportUkraine Relief Activities

Save the Children: BBB Wise Giving Alliance ReportUkraine Relief Activities

Local/regional organizations

Grassroots Fundraising from Poland: Humanitarian Aid

Sunflower of Peace: First aid and medical supply backpacks

Voices of Children: Mental health services

Vostok SOS: Evacuation services

Bright Funds Humanitarian Support

In peace,
Your Name

2. Sample Pulse Survey About the Ukrainian Conflict

It is important to know how your employees may be handling the ongoing conflict.  Continued stress from global events can take a toll on mental health, as the pandemic has certainly proven. Sending pulse surveys to your employees not only helps you gauge the overall mood of your staff, but also shows that you and the leadership of the company care.

Subject: Confidential Pulse Survey about the War in Ukraine

Q1:  Are you personally affected by the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict?
Q2:  Do you feel that your mental health is suffering due to the ongoing and pending conflict?
Q3: Have you taken advantage of our online counseling or other mental health resources available?
Q4: Have you talked to your manager about your anxiety around the conflict?
Be sure to keep all polls confidential, and end your survey by encouraging employees to utilize mental health resources and take breaks and de-stress as needed to help them cope.

3. In-Office Support Ideas

In addition to offering mental health resources, consider these additional ways to support your teams and make them feel safe.

  •  Create a dedicated SLACK channel where employees can talk freely about Russia and Ukraine
  •  Encourage support groups among teams and cross-company
  •  Encourage use of colors and flags if Employees want to express their support
  •  Hold an after hours discussion Zoom where employees can share freely with each other
  •  Consider offering an additional mental health day for employees who feel particularly affected
  •  Hold a community service event to encourage colleagues to spread good deeds and positivity through community and support others


Whichever support methods you decide, we hope this list helps you and your teams better navigate the emotions and stress from the current conflict.

Your Friends at Workest <> Zenefits


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