The Daily Rundown: It’s the Super Bowl for the SBA

The Super Bowl for the Small Business Administration. Learn how a small business owner can get a lot more from the SBA then they think.


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The Daily Rundown

Welcome to the Small Business Run Down. Every day, we bring you stories and trends that impact small business owners and their workforce.

Today we dive into the history and mission of the Small Business Administration and what it aims to do for SBOs across the land. Then we look at how individuals on the Autism spectrum can help fill vacant tech jobs and the four types of female entrepreneurs. Are you a Passionista or a Lemonader?

Ask not what you can do for the SBA…but what the SBA can do for you

National Small Business Week is sponsored by the Small Business Administration. And while many SBOs are aware of the Small Business Administration, they don’t always take full advantage of the benefits and services provided by the SBA. Created in 1953, this independent agency exits to “aid, counsel, assist and protect the interests” of small businesses and receives billions of dollars from the government to carry out its mission. The SBA can walk SBOs through certification processes, help procure government contracts, award loans, and connect companies to mentors and partnership programs with other agencies.

The Number: 23%. Procurement rules for the federal government require that at least 23% of all contracts go to small businesses with 500 or fewer employees.

The Quote: “For the U.S. Small Business Administration, [National Small Business Week] is like the Super Bowl.”

Programs to plug in Autistic workers may help meet tech sector demand

SBOs, take note! A handful of major companies have started programs to hire and support workers on the Autism spectrum as a way to fill technical and computing-related job vacancies. While big businesses like Microsoft and Deloitte have formal programs in place to recruit neurodiverse talent, it’s actually local agencies, such as Goodwill, who can best identify these individuals, provide workplace coaching and support and plug them into meaningful jobs.

The Number: 70 million. There are approximately 70 million people on the Autism spectrum worldwide, and of those approximately 80% are unemployed or underemployed.

The Quote: “We see who works with whom, who gets frustrated. We’re really trying to understand where people shine the best.”

New research illuminates different types of female entrepreneurs

According to a new study, four different types of female entrepreneurs dominate the startup landscape. In general, women business owners fall into the following four categories: Dreamers and Doers, Family Legacy, Passionistas, and Lemonaders. Though not rigid, these categories also seem to fall along ethnic and racial lines.

The Number: 37%. Female entrepreneurs are more likely to allow their employees scheduling freedom, with 37% allowing flexible work arrangements, compared to 31% of male bosses.

The Quote: “Latina entrepreneurs, who were more likely to have immigrated, more often perceive themselves as creative, willing to take risks and open to new ideas.”

Pick a number…

As more places make it illegal for employers to ask for a salary history from prospective employees, companies must find ways to make hiring decisions without asking for a salary history. Publishing salary ranges and using compensation management tools are key practices to keep hiring managers from taking a stab in the dark when it comes to making an offer.


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