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SBDR: Many Workers Don’t Have Luxury to Take Sick Time Off

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Sick Leave Small Business
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Go wash your hands and then check out these stories about the states that prevent local sick-leave laws, the importance of having office furniture that your workers can comfortably fit in, and SBOs continuing reluctance to invest in cybersecurity measures. Happy Friday, Jr.

Laws prevent local governments from granting paid sick leave in 18 states

As the spread of coronavirus continues to make headlines, so does the conversation about paid sick leave in the U.S. While the CDC recommends that anyone who is sick should stay home from work, many U.S. workers don’t have the luxury of taking time off without pay. Furthermore, 18 states currently have laws that prevent city or county governments from enacting sick-leave policies at the local level.

The Number: 40%. A study from 2018 looked at the link between providing paid sick leave and the spread of influenza. The findings? Cities with paid sick leave laws on the books had influenza transmission that were 40% lower than places without paid-sick leave policies. 

The Quote: “I can’t tell you how many times the people who handle your food who are already overworked and underpaid show up sick to work because our country refuses to guarantee healthcare or paid sick leave.”

Creating accommodating work spaces for plus-sized employees

While considering a candidate’s body shape and size should never be a factor in a hiring decision, employers should definitely take workers’ physical comfort into account when designing work spaces, which means creating work environments that are suited for larger bodies. Finding chairs with wider widths and other simple adjustments can promote worker comfort and, ultimately, productivity.

The Number: 71%. According to the CDC, 71% of Americans are considered overweight. 

The Quote: “Great companies know that good employee morale is critical to their company’s success. For plus-size employees, it is demoralizing to arrive to work every day to chairs that leave bruises on your hips.”

SBOs ignore cybersecurity concerns to invest in Internet of Things devices

A new CNBC survey indicates that many SBOs continue to ignore warnings about the threat of cyberattack on their business, choosing to invest in Internet of Things (IoT) technology over security software. Even more concerning is the fact that smart IoT technologies like thermostats, power strips, and bar-code readers are themselves vulnerable to hacking data from last year found that 43% of cyberattacks target small businesses.

The Number: 44%. According to recent data, 44% of SBOs report that they will invest in devices related to the Internet of Things this year, more than twice as many who plan to invest in cybersecurity, 

The Quote:  “If you invest in IoT, it has to have a very serious component of cybersecurity. You don’t want your devices hacked or infiltrated.”

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