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SBDR: 11 New Employment Laws Recently Enacted in California

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California steals the top spot today as we take a look at some of the new changes to employment law in the Golden State. Meanwhile, Kansas is promoting workforce development and employment in a pretty cool, new way, and Maryland lawmakers are looking out for the actual little guys.

11 new employment laws take effect in California

By now, most people are familiar with AB-5, California’s new so-called “Freelancer Law” that did a major overhaul on the state’s worker classification criteria. Few people, however, are aware of the 10 other employment laws recently enacted in California. These new laws provide protection for workers against discrimination based on hairstyle, enact penalties for late or incorrect wages, and guarantee accommodations for lactating employees, among other things. California SBOs and workers alike should read up!

The Number: 30. California law AB-1223 requires employers to provide 30 days of paid leave followed by 30 days of unpaid leave for employees who undergo living organ donation. 

The Quote: “The fallacy of the mandatory arbitration provision is that agreeing with the terms of the provision is a non-negotiable condition of employment and it’s not an equal playing field.”

Kansas Department of Commerce rolls out new mobile workforce center

The Kansas Department of Commerce is taking their show on the road, so to speak. Today they unveiled another mobile workforce center, bring the number of these on-the-go employment resource centers up to 2. Designed to help support rural citizens in their quests to find, apply and interview for jobs, the mobile workforce center is staffed with workers who can offer career counseling, interview tips, and resume consultations.

The Number: 6. The mobile workforce center is outfitted with 6 internet-enabled computers, a wheelchair ramp, and handicapped-accessible workstations. 

The Quote: “We will have the ability to stop in rural smaller communities on a weekly or monthly basis so that services can be delivered to those communities.”

MD state legislature eases licensing burden on lemonade stands

Maryland state lawmakers are supporting young entrepreneurs, or at least not fining children operating lemonade stands anymore. The state became the 16th in the country to introduce legislation that would protect children selling lemonade from any penalties or fines associated with not having the proper license. Texas and Colorado are among the states that have already passed similar laws.

The Number: $500.  In 2011, Montgomery County, MD officials fined 6 children $500 each for operating an unlicensed lemonade stand. 

The Quote: Whether you live in a red state or blue state, every state can be a yellow state.”

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