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How to Choose Business Insurance

One of the most important small business tasks is getting business insurance. Here's how to choose business insurance that's right for you.

Why Do I Need Business Insurance? 10 Good Reasons

For small business owners, it's easy to question the logic: Why do I need business insurance that's not required and I may never use? Here are 10 reasons.

Best Workers Comp Insurance for Small Business

The best workers comp insurance for small business is one that's affordable and covers the risks related to your business. Here's how to start your search.

How Much Is Small Business Insurance?

How much is small business insurance, and is it worth the cost? Here's what to know, weigh, and consider for your company.

Do Small Businesses Have to Provide Health Insurance?

The government does not require a small business to offer health insurance for workers if it has fewer than 50 full-time equivalent positions.