SMB News Weekly Rundown for April 7

Welcome to the Small Business Weekly Rundown. Each week, we bring you stories and trends that impact small business owners and their workforce.

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Small Business News Highlights:

Small businesses willing to offer employee incentives for getting vaccinated

“We know the most important thing we can do to have people overcome vaccine hesitancy is to hear from trusted messengers like small businesses in their community.”

A recent survey found that Small Business Owners (SBOs) recognize that returning to business as usual hinges on a vaccinated workforce and are willing to incentivize getting the COVID-19 jab.

According to the research, 63% of SBOs are willing to offer employees incentives to get vaccinated, and for 45% of SBOs, that could come in the form of PTO.


Amazon labor union movement could signify big changes for U.S. workforce

“This is probably the most important union election in many years. To be able to have a breakthrough at Amazon would really ripple through the economy.”

Pro-labor organizers are watching the state of Alabama and the attempts of Amazon employees to create the first labor union at the online retail giant. While nationwide labor union participation has been decreasing over the past decades, the combination of the COVID-19 pandemic and a pro-labor White House has caused many analysts to wonder if organized labor unions will make a comeback.


Coalition of small businesses lobby for changes to antitrust laws

“Small businesses are in crisis. As one bookseller said to me, ‘It says Covid on the death certificate, but the underlying condition was Amazon.’”

Meanwhile, a coalition of small businesses is looking to lawmakers to use U.S. Antitrust laws to curb the power of Amazon and its impact on small businesses.

Small Business Rising, a group of bookstores, grocers, hardware stores, pharmacies and more, is calling for Congress to revisit Antitrust laws and eliminate measures that allow big companies to squash competition.

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The impact of Biden’s new Infrastructure Overhaul proposal

“The American Jobs Plan will build new rail corridors and transit lines, easing congestion, cutting pollution, slashing commute times, and opening up investment in communities that can be connected to the cities, and cities to the outskirts, where a lot of jobs are these days.” 

While much of the conversation surrounding President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure proposal has centered around increasing the tax rate for businesses, the bill would also have a wide-reaching impact on other aspects of the U.S. economy and workforce.

Universal access to broadband internet access, expanded benefits for child- and other caregivers, protections for union members, and broad investment into commuter infrastructure are just a few of the ways that the bill would help U.S. employees.


New U.S. Minority Small Business Index launched

“The feedback from black small business owners is clear — they need better access to the resources, tools, and funding that propel small business success.”

A nonprofit organization focused on financial inclusion has started a new tool to help track the outlook of minority small business owners.

The Hope Minority Small Business index will quantify the experiences of Black SBOs and collect data on topics like access to capital, risk, and outlook on success.

The first survey, which took place in February of this year, found that 98% of Black SBOs feel hopeful about their business, while 77% believe that the COVID-19 pandemic has permanently impacted the way they run their business.

The Latest from Workest

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We’re one week into April, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to get organized and plan ahead for the month. This calendar lists important HR compliance dates for April.

Finally, before we say goodbye for the week, here are 3 things you should know:

  1. If your employer has made WFH status permanent, you might want to think twice before packing your bags and moving to paradise. Despite the allure of breaks by the beach, Hawaii ranks 50th for remote work.
  2. For many employees, the thought of returning to the office sparks “anxiety and dread.”
  3. According to a survey among Silicon Valley workers, remote work during the pandemic has led to more gender-based harassment.


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