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Small Business News Highlights:

Biden’s vaccine mandate elicits mixed reactions from small business owners

“OSHA won’t be able to police every employer.”

President Joe Biden announced that he was directing the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to make new rules mandating businesses with more than 100 employees to require COVID-19 vaccinations or weekly testing.

The legality of the move is still in question, and reactions on the part of small business owners are mixed. Some support the move while others while others are preparing to sue the administration.


Amazon raises wages to $18 per hour to attract workers

“Amazon’s job creation efforts will be welcomed by job seekers across America — especially in more rural locations, which are traditionally not the focus of strong retail investment.” 

Amazon is the latest company to boost wages ahead of a federal wage mandate in order to try to attract workers. Though Congress failed to pass a minimum wage increase earlier this year, many big retailers have raised wages independent of government mandate in an effort to fill open positions and retain workers in today’s tight labor market.


Retailers look for other overseas manufacturers

“When you think about the amount of effort everyone was putting into getting out of China, and now one of the only places where you can get the goods is China.”

When trade relations got tense during the Trump administration’s tariff war with China, many small businesses turned to Vietnam to source products. Now, these same retailers find themselves looking for yet another source of goods as COVID-19 continues to stymy manufacturing in Vietnam.

Man fills in Unemployment benefits application form.

Unemployment claims back up to over 330,000

“The number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits moved up last week to 332,000 from a pandemic low, a sign that the spread of the Delta variant may have slightly increased layoffs.”

The number of weekly unemployment claims jumped to 332,000 last week, fueling speculation that the spread of the Delta variant was slowing hiring and even causing some employers to lay-off workers.

The bump in jobless benefits coincided with the end of the $300 weekly supplement from the federal government.

The Latest from Workest

If you’re getting ready to post an opening at your company, take a minute to read Riia O’Donnell’s piece exploring what makes a job posting inclusive and why it should matter to your organization.

Plus, if you have an employee who is, ahem, less than organized, Riia also takes a look at how to get employees to clean their messy desks.

Finally, before we say goodbye for the week, here are 3 things you should know:

  1.  It’s okay to be tired of being productive.
  2. What characteristic matters most to a small business’s ability to survive? Some say it’s resiliency.

Whirlpool is upping the ante and offering employees $1,000 to get vaccinated.


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