The Daily Rundown: The Demand For Flexible Work Arrangements

On the docket for today: the top small businesses in the country, new parents’ PTO usage (and flexible work arrangement expectations), and more.


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The Daily Rundown

Welcome to the Small Business Run Down. Every day, we bring you stories and trends that impact small business owners and their workforce.

On the docket for today: the top small businesses in the country, new parents’ PTO usage and the Impossible Whopper’s impact on your favorite local cafe’s menu.

Little companies making big waves: the top 25 US small businesses

We’re a quarter of the way through the year and Forbes has released its list of best small businesses of 2019. Each company is privately owned and they all share common core values, such as a commitment to being the best in their respective business, providing exceptional customer service and engaging their employees in meaningful and rewarding work. If you’re looking to positively shape your company culture, refine your mission statement or redefine your business goals, check out these organizations for inspiration.

The Number: 23. Spikeball, an obscure sport inspired by volleyball that uses a trampoline-like net, has 23 employees and their 2018 revenue topped $19 million.

The Quote: We could go backward and be a $5 million company and still be successful, as long as we were true to our purpose, vision and mission.”

Stay-at-home parents take more time off work than anticipated, desire remote positions

A recent survey of 900 stay-at-home parents provides interesting insights for shaping your company’s paid family leave and PTO policies–and for attracting candidates back to the workforce. The data suggests that 60% of new parents took more time off from work after having children than they initially anticipated. It also found that over three-quarters of stay-at-home parents attempt to stay connected to their careers and that a full 90% of them would like to return to work…if they could find a remote position.

The Number: 58%. According to the survey findings, 58% of stay-at-home parents have taken off more time from their career than they initially anticipated.

The Quote: As the workforce shifts, with more workers looking to start a family and others required to take on caregiver roles for aging family, there is a need for employers to help these workers retain their skill sets and connections to the workplace.”

What’s the difference between telecommuting and remote working?

If your company does have the capacity to offer flexible working arrangements as a means of attracting talent or luring skillful stay-at-home parents back to the workforce, be sure that you’re clear on the difference between telecommuting and remote working before making an offer of employment.

Mom & Pop restaurants’ inventory impacted by Burger King’s new Impossible Whopper

Burger King plans to roll out the new Impossible Whopper to locations across the country this summer, joining Red Robin and White Castle in offering fast food consumers alternative-meat burgers. This upscaling on the part of the chain is having a detrimental impact on small businesses, however, and local restaurants are not receiving their normal supply of Impossible Food’s mock-meat product. The supply shortage is forcing small restaurants to choose between taking vegan burgers off the menu or serving a less-popular substitute.

The Number: 1 million. Impossible Foods planned to produce approximately 1 million pounds of their mock meat product each year in their current facility. As of now, they are producing between 75 and 100 million pounds of their product without expanding their existing footprint.

The Quote: What will happen is they will lose all their independent [clients] who are carrying it, because, at some point, you have to choose.”


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