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The Daily Rundown: Getting Things Done, Managers Could Support Sick Colleagues Better, and Email Rules

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Today we take a look at how workers feel about their managers’ support for sick colleagues, the role of email in small business marketing and the value of the GTD method for boosting productivity. Happy Thanksgiving!

Employees believe managers can better support sick colleagues

Chronic and serious illnesses are a sensitive topic in the workplace and many people report that they’re unsure how to best support a sick colleague. One thing they do know, however, is that managers don’t show enough support for sick employees. While many people choose not to tell HR that they’re dealing with a chronic or critical illness, those who do and feel “cared for” by their organization are more likely to recommend their company as an “exceptional” place to work. 

The Number: 89%. The majority of employees don’t think that managers do enough to support ill colleagues, with 89% reporting that their manager could do better.  

The Quote: “When 89% of workers say that management could have done more to be supportive of their coworkers with serious medical conditions, whether that’s providing more workplace accommodations or creating more inclusion and engagement opportunities, it’s clear a significant shift is necessary at the top levels of organizations.”

Email still rules when it comes to small biz marketing 

A recent study found that many small businesses don’t take full advantage of all the digital marketing tools at their disposal. Among the findings: “Firms that use automated welcome emails draw an order per recipient 9 times higher than the regular bulk email.”

The Number: 31%. Nearly one-third of small businesses cite marketing as their biggest challenge. 

The Quote: “For businesses to be successful, this formula needs to be inverted, which means it’s time to start thinking about marketing differently.”

GTD Method useful for boosting workplace productivity 

Whether at work and or at home, the holiday season can add a lot of stress to life. The Getting Things Done method provides a useful framework for boosting productivity in the workplace and eliminating stress caused by heavy workloads. Unfortunately, the method can not help you pick out the perfect gift for your father-in-law. 

The Number: 46%. The American Institute of Stress claims that 46% of stress is caused by our workloads.

The Quote:The problem with list-making is that we tend to write tasks as they enter our head, not necessarily in order of priority. Despite knowing what tasks are most important, we are wired to consider the top listed tasks as the most important. This obviously does nothing to relieve the stress.”


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