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The Daily Rundown: National Veterans Small Business Week

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We’re half-way through Veterans Small Business Week so let’s take a look at some stats on VA hiring. If any kind of hiring seems like too much, consider some alternative strategies to keep up with your business expansion goals. Finally, what do fall foliage and employee engagement have in common: they both peak in October!

U.S. businesses missing opportunity to hire proven talent: Vets

National Veterans Small Business Week provides a good opportunity to stop and consider the value that former military personnel can bring to an organization. Highly trained and accustomed to collaboration and operating under stress, vets offer a lot to any small business. However, research shows that small businesses aren’t taking advantage of the veteran talent pool. Given the tight labor market, SBOs should consider this win-win hiring opportunity. 

The Number: 10%. According to research, when it comes to non-veteran owned small businesses, only 10% actively hire employees who have served in the armed forces. 

The Quote: Every sailor, soldier, airman and Marine entered military service needing to learn the basic skills of the armed forces and the advanced skills to support dynamic missions. Additionally, many of them have even succeeded at their missions in combat environments. Employing and empowering veterans is what we are all about! It’s a win-win for businesses and their communities.”

Think hiring is the answer? Think again …

When business is booming, the first instinct of many SBOs is to start hiring to keep up the pace of expansion. Hiring isn’t always the best solution, however. There are a number of other steps to consider first before making the investment in new employees. Start by taking a hard look at if your employees are truly performing at maximum efficiency and exploring ways that technology might fill in the gaps. 

The Number: 40%. SBOs often spend up to 40% of their time on non-billable tasks like … you guessed it: HIRING!

The Quote: “Bringing in someone new is a big commitment and can lead to more problems than solutions for both you and job candidates.”

Employee engagement: strike while the iron is hot and the weather is cooling 

Interested in bolstering employee engagement? Research shows that now is the time to do it. October and November are the best months to tap into employees’ sense of urgency in order to accomplish goals and meet end of year deadlines. 

The Number: 13%. The temperature might drop but employee engagement begins spiking in the fall, increasing 13% from September to October. 

The Quote: This key period beginning in October represents a valuable opportunity for employers to engage their workers and align around goals, objectives and business outcomes.”


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