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The Daily Rundown: Phising Scams Spike During Holidays, WeWork’s Decline Makes Room for Local Coworking Spaces

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Hello, hello. Christmas is now less than 3 weeks away … and cyber scammers want to take advantage of the holiday internet rush to get ahold of your company’s sensitive information. Meanwhile, local coworking spaces are on the rise and building your brand doesn’t have to feel like swimsuit shopping.

Phishing scams spike, targets small businesses during holidays

The holiday season is a busy time for everyone — including internet scammers who target small businesses. Cyber criminals use holiday ecards, shipping notifications, sales advertisements, and requests for end-of-year tax information to lure employees into divulging sensitive information. Experts suggest educating workers about the tactics used by phishers and the risks the security breaches pose.

The Number: 467,361. In 2019, the FBI’s Internet Crimes Complaint Center received 467,361 complaints of cybercrime, with damages totaling $2.7 billion. 

The Quote: “When it appears to come from a boss or CEO, I think there is that tendency among employees to follow those directions. They’re playing on their emotions.”

Faltering WeWork makes room for local coworking spaces to shine

A new survey shines a light on the growing opportunity for local coworking spaces as WeWork continues to see its market value fall. While the coworking giant still claims 39% of all people who use the shared spaces in the U.S., smaller set-ups now account for 36% of coworkers. This number is set to grow, too, as attitudes toward coworking spaces change and more of the workforce gains flexible work schedules.

The Number: 75%. Despite WeWorks missteps, it appears that coworking is a trend that’s here to stay, with 75% of coworking employees reporting that they’ve been at their space for over a year. 

The Quote: “Flexible office space gives people the opportunity to meet and interact with others who have different skills and backgrounds that may not be otherwise available in a traditional office environment.” 

Women entrepreneurs report that building their brand ‘feels like swimsuit shopping’

When it comes to building their brand and promoting their business, some women view the experience as being as unpleasant as shopping for a bathing suit. In fact, many female entrepreneurs would rather downplay their accomplishments then talk about them. Research supports this idea, suggesting that 69% of women falter when it comes to self-promotion. While women report that they are inspired by other women’s success, they also admit fear of being perceived as bragging. The solution? Experts recommend reframing the career narratives into stories that allow women to connect with others.

The Number: 42%. When it comes to promoting themselves or their business, 42% of women report that they’d rather clean the toilet than talk about themselves in public. 

The Quote: Stories create belonging; when we see ourselves in them, we step inside and feel a deep sense of connection. So if we shift the way we think about talking about our careers towards the idea of sharing a story I wonder if that makes it feel more accessible.”


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