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The Daily Rundown: Soft Skills Training, CallJoy Update Helps Small Biz

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Hello and welcome back. Today we dive into the continuing concerns about the workforce on the part of Florida business owners before exploring the value of soft skills in the workplace. Finally, we’ll check-in on CallJoy’s new update.

Quality of workforce top concern for Florida small businesses

Florida’s economy continues to clip along, with job creation outpacing the rest of the country. The Sunshine State’s SBOs don’t have the sunniest outlook, however, when it comes to the quality of their workforce. For the 10th quarter in a row, Florida small business owners have ranked the issue as their top concern, ahead of economic uncertainty and rising healthcare costs.

The Number: 28%. According to a recent report from the Florida Chamber of Commerce, 28% of small business owners cite concerns with the quality of workers they are able to recruit and hire. 

The Quote: “It is likely that Florida will continue to outpace the U.S. in terms of job growth in 2020.”

Soft skills gaining traction as training priority

The rapid pace of technological advancement makes it tempting to focus resources on tech training, but a growing number of employers are finding the value of prioritizing the growth of employee soft skills. While technical skills can be taught, interpersonal and behavioral skills must be fostered and coached, and can have a huge impact on transforming company culture, boosting employee engagement and workplace efficiency.

The Number: 51%. When it comes to recruiting high-quality candidates, training actually takes a backseat to technology, though. More than two-thirds of recruitment professionals believe that technology holds the key to optimizing recruit performance, compared to 51% who cite training as the answer. 

The Quote: “Because these skills are internal, it can be easy to take them for granted. But if we imagine a leader who, for instance, has an underdeveloped capacity to regulate their emotions, it’s easy to see how this might wreak havoc on the team’s performance and well-being.”

CallJoy gets its first upgrade, promoting small biz customer service

CallJoy phone service recently got its first upgrade, aimed at helping small businesses up their customer service skills. The Google-affiliated service can now ask intelligent questions in response to customer queries while continuing to provide entrepreneurs with valuable insight about consumers.

The Number: $39. CallJoy’s price point of $39 per month is aimed at small businesses that can’t afford pricier phone systems. 

The Quote: “Yes! Our menu has vegetarian and vegan-friendly choices. Can I text you the link to our online menu?”


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