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The Daily Rundown: Smart Compliance Standards, Federal Rulemaking, and a Pizza Delivery App to Help Small Biz

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Let’s start the day with some light reading (no, really it is!) about how compliance and regulatory standards impact U.S. SBOs. Then we’ll take a look at how UNCLE SAM WANTS YOU to be a part of the federal rulemaking process, before checking out the new pizza delivery app that won’t put mom and pop pizza joints out of business.

Smart compliance standards a must for American SMBs

Feeling overwhelmed by regulatory and compliance burdens? You’re not alone. The good news is that there are voices advocating for “data-driven and actionable compliance standards” for the SMB community. Check out this essay, which uses fictional case studies to demonstrate the very real demands placed on SMBs to meet myriad — and often contradictory — compliance and regulatory standards. See? you’re in good company.

The Number: 5. In the U.S., nearly 1 in 5 people work for a company with 20 employees or less. 

The Quote: As large corporations cascade out their compliance expectations, these small businesses are being forced to meet compliance standards that have been developed by and for large corporations hundreds of times their size.”

SBA releases guide to participating in federal rulemaking

So, now that we’ve established that SMBs need reasonable standards when it comes to compliance, you’re probably wondering how you can help be a part of the federal rulemaking process? Well, even if this question isn’t keeping you up at night, the SBA announced a new guide to understanding and joining the rulemaking process. The key? Finding out the timeframe for public comments and then crafting the perfect letter.

The Number: 1946. President Truman enacted the Administrative Procedure Act in 1946, which established the process for federal agencies to make rules, including a specified timeframe during which the public can comment. 

The Quote: “Agencies value comments that provide detailed cost information and alternative ways of achieving a statutory goal. The length of the letter is not the most important factor; providing data and detail is.” 

Pizza delivery app takes a smaller slice of the small biz profit pie

A New York entrepreneur got tired of watching delivery giants like DoorDash and Grubhub eat up all his family members’ profits with their high delivery fees — so he decided to do something about. Slice is a delivery app designed to partner with small businesses by only charging merchants a flat fee of $1.95 for each order.

The Number: 600. Currently, Slice adds approximately 600 new pizzerias to its platform each month. 

The Quote: “We are a natural partner for the small business, so we are an extension of their business, we think of ourselves as the digital component to every small business pizzeria.” 


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