The Daily Rundown: Text to hire, consumer confidence is high

Hiring managers are ditching email in favor of texts, plus what to look for when hiring in the restaurant industry, and consumer confidence is at a 19-year high


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The Daily Rundown

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School is back in session for many parts of the country, the interns have all gone back to their campuses, Labor Day is right around the corner and American consumers are feeling pretty good. Plus, will texting replace email in the hiring process?

HR managers using text messages to communicate with candidates

Tired of waiting for an applicant to respond to an email? Try texting. An emerging trend among HR managers indicates that more and more companies are turning to text messaging to communicate with job seekers. The ease of instant communication and immediate answers is alluring — as long as no one accidentally fires off the wrong message to the wrong person.

The Number: 67%. Texting is especially popular in the tech industry, where 67% of leaders say their company uses texting to coordinate with candidates. 

The Quote:As we want things more quickly, getting that instant satisfaction and not reading through long emails and things like that, I can see it staying as a popular form of communication for the hiring process.” 

Anxiety and alcohol factor into complex hiring needs for restaurants

Speaking of hiring …

The Star, a Toronto newspaper, has been doing a series of tips for our neighbors to the North who want to open a restaurant. The most recent and final piece deals with some of the complex factors that need to be considered when hiring staff — and quotes some sobering statistics from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services about alcohol consumption among hospitality workers.

The Number: 3rd. The hospitality industry ranks #3 for heavy alcohol consumption, behind the construction and mining industries. 

The Quote: The industry as a whole has been suffering for some time now.”

Consumer confidence hits 19-year high despite shadow of recession

A robust job market and low unemployment rate have propelled U.S. consumer confidence to a 19-year high despite increasing trade tensions with China and early signs of a recession. Over half of all Americans believe that jobs are plentiful and the number of people planning to buy cars has increased. If you’re one of those consumers ready to spend big on Labor Day, do your homework before you go out and do your part to support the economy.

The Number: 2000. The last time that consumer confidence was this high was November, 2000. 

The Quote: While other parts of the economy may show some weakening, consumers have remained confident and willing to spend.”


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