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The Small Business Daily Rundown: Best Cities for Self-employment, Alibaba Eyes U.S. Small Businesses

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When was the last time you thought about your purpose? If you employ contract workers or gig employees, it might be a good idea to consider how their sense of purpose impacts your organization. Meanwhile, the state of California locks down 3 of the top 10 spots in the U.S. for self-employed workers … for now. If your business operates in the B2B sector, considering letting help you expand your reach. Happy Wednesday.  

‘Purpose’ remains an important component of workplace dynamics 

As the nature of work changes, so does the role that our jobs play in forging personal and collective identities. As such, the question of “purpose” — or why we do what we do when it comes to work — is especially pertinent when considering gig workers and their place in an organization. As more jobs become automated and the number of contract workers grows, finding ways to imbue gig positions with purpose and meaning can help increase employee engagement and prevent turnover. 

The Number: 13.6%. In 2016, the share of non-farm blue-collar jobs in the U.S. was just 13.6%, down from just over 30% in 1970. 

The Quote: “Companies must now consider the intrinsic motivation when hiring employees. A gig worker who holds a shared purpose with your organization is more likely to stay and feel connected to the group.”

Miami, Los Angeles and San Diego top list of best U.S. cities for self-employed

A recent study took a look at the most entrepreneurial cities in the country and found that Miami tops the list for self-employed Americans. While California was well represented, with LA and San Diego coming in second and third respectively, and San Francisco in sixth place, midwestern states had the lowest percentages of self-employed workers. According to the data, self-employed workers earn a median of $52,000 per year. 

The Number: 16 million. Today, about 16 million U.S. workers are self-employed, representing 10% of the workforce. 

The Quote: While California ranks high in self-employment, this could change in the future because of Assembly Bill 5, which makes it harder to be a self-employed independent contractor.” wants to help U.S. B2B small businesses make money

Chinese e-commerce giant announced its intention to support U.S. small businesses with the creation of “B2B Tuesday.” The program, which will run each Tuesday, will focus on helping manufacturers, distributors, and other B2B companies tap into international markets. The program will offer in-person events, educational opportunities, and new platform content.  

The Number: $23.9 trillion. Execs from The Alibaba Group believe that US B2B companies are not adequately equipped to participate in the $23.9 trillion B2B e-commerce sector. 

The Quote: “What we are doing is we are helping small businesses, we are recognizing small businesses, and we are creating the content tools and learning to help a manufacturer, a distributor — the unsung heroes of the U.S. economy — get onto the platform and source or sell to the world.”


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