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The Small Business Daily Rundown: The Perks of Playing Santa, Minnesota Woman Bringing Downtown Back to Life, Books for 2020

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Get into the holiday spirit with these feel-good stories about the benefits of giving your employees gifts, the revitalization of a small Minnesota town’s business district, and a vacation-ready reading list for growing your leadership skills in 2020. 

The perks of playing Santa to your employees 

When it comes to making the workplace merry and bright for employees, employers have started to recognize the benefits of playing Santa Claus. The low unemployment rate, labor shortage and difficulty recruiting and retaining high-quality talent are all reasons that many bosses choose to give gifts and bonuses to their workforce. Plus, while it’s key to check with an accountant before making any moves, it’s possible that cash bonuses for workers are tax-deductible. 

The Number: 48%. Many employers recognize the value of giving gifts and bonuses to employees, with 48% reporting that they intend to do so this year. 

The Quote: “Companies recognize increasingly the importance of rewarding employees as just one of the means of reducing attrition.”

Minnesota woman single-handedly revitalizes small town downtown

Move over Hallmark Channel, Andrea Stordahl means business. In a true-life story that rivals the holiday feel-good movies, Stordahl set about to bring the Main Street business district of McIntosh, Minnesota back to life. The savvy entrepreneur used hard work, sweat equity, and community resources to acquire and restore old buildings and then fill them with small businesses. 

The Number: $100,000. For approximately $100,000, Stordahl has revitalized the downtown area of McIntosh, a town with a population of less than 700. 

The Quote:She has basically, all by herself, revitalized that downtown area.”

Looking to grow in 2020? Read these 6 books on leadership

Whether it’s part of your New Year’s Resolution or your Performance Improvement Plan, it’s never a bad idea to learn some new leadership and management techniques. Check out these suggestions for revitalizing your approaching to making friends and influencing people. 

The Number: 6. The list contains 6 books, which means you have 2 months to read each one..more than doable. 

The Quote: Be prepared to throw your strategic plan out the window and become well-lopsided instead of well-rounded.”



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