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The Small Business Daily Rundown: SBO Optimism Up, Ax Throwing Takes Flight

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Happy Monday. Hopefully, your week is off to a good start and you’re feeling optimistic, like more than three-fourths of small business owners. If you’re apprehensive about finding people to fill open positions at your business, you’re in good company. And if you’re really frustrated, consider turning ax-throwing into a successful small business. Read on and learn.

Amid growing global concerns, SBOs still claim optimism

While national and global business outlooks are cautious, reflecting a drop in optimism, small business owners across the country continue to take a hopeful stance about the future. Despite multiple global challenges and an increasingly complex business environment, SBOs continue to believe that they will perform well and increase their profitability in 2020. More than half (61%) of SBOs are leaning into potential disruption and taking action now instead of later.

The Number: 74%. Small company heads continue to bet on themselves, with 74% of SBO reporting that they are optimistic about their performance. 

The Quote: “In an era of rapid technological change, businesses are demonstrating their resiliency and taking steps to future-proof their companies.”

Hiring qualified workers continues to top SBO list of concerns

According to National Write Your Congressman (NWYC), an organization that helps small businesses express their concerns to the federal government, hiring qualified workers continued to be a major concern for SBOs as 2019 drew to a close. In addition to frustration with hiring, the survey found that business-owner satisfaction decreased to 4%,

The Number: 25%. According to the National Write Your Congressman Survey, a full quarter of small business owners reported being unable to find and hire qualified workers. 

The Quote: “As we head into an election year, Congress should hear not only the concerns of the small business owner but also take note of what makes their business succeed. While there is much talk about taxes and regulations – how can we bolster the American workforce so businesses of all sizes can grow?”

Ax-throwing business takes off in North Dakota

A couple from Fargo took an anniversary trip and came home resolved to try their hand at running a small business owners. Their goal? To bring ax throwing to North Dakota. While focusing on using as many local businesses as possible, Marcel Baumgartner and Erik Kalberg have created a wildly popular entertainment venue in Fargo and currently plan to expand to a second location that has room for a bar and a restaurant.

The Number: 18. Triple Ax boasts 9 lanes and 18 targets 

The Quote: “Last October, I’d never heard of ax throwing.”


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