The Top People Operations Job Openings Right Now

Here are reasons why HR departments are evolving into People Ops — plus some of the best POPS gigs that are available at top companies.

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Job applicant receiving offer.

The way we work is ever evolving. From titles like Head of Company Culture to Chief Happiness Officer, there’s clearly a shift underway in the HR department specifically.

Perhaps you’ve never heard of it before, but People Operations is steadily transforming HR departments across the country and the globe. Where human resources is concerned with efficiency and compliance, People Operations — sometimes shortened to People Ops or POPS — is all about seeing the employee as the customer.

Of course, there will probably always be a need for a compliance and efficiency-minded HR department (none of those legalities are going away), but the rise of People Ops shows that there’s room to do more.

Rather than working to ensure that all paperwork is in order, People Ops teams focus on the company through a talent-first perspective. This means that POPS is all about figuring out what employees need to be happy, satisfied, and doing their best work and then giving it to them.

As People Ops has grown, so has its leaders.

The rise of People Ops leaders

Google’s Laszlo Bock is largely credited with coining People Ops when he rebranded the company’s human resources department in 2006. Today, People Ops has grown tremendously as a business sector, and that means there has been a rise in People Ops leaders — the people who are leading and defining the People Ops practice.

People Ops leaders do much more than just rename their departments. They’re the ones behind the major mindset shift that companies need to go through if they’re truly going to undertake People Operations work.

Instead of focusing on traditional HR-tasks like policies and compliance, People Ops leaders focus on fostering, growing, and nurturing a company’s talent. This applies not only to current hires, but applicants and new hires as well.

One thing that sets People Ops leaders apart from traditional HR departments is that they make the most of the mounds of data that HR departments have been keeping for decades. One of the main ways that People Ops leaders do this is by leveraging technology. They make the most of the immense amounts of data that HR departments have in order to drastically improve the employee experience.

Compared to HR, People Operations is a much more data-driven, forward-thinking job.

Instead of focusing on traditional HR-tasks like policies and compliance, People Ops leaders focus on fostering, growing, and nurturing a company’s talent. This applies not only to current hires, but applicants and new hires as well.

Some of the top People Ops positions open now

Ready to hop on the People Ops bandwagon? Here are some of the best People Ops gigs that are waiting to be filled at some of the country’s (and world’s!) most notorious companies.

People Operations Specialist, Apple

This Austin, Texas-based position is all about streamlining, innovation, and supporting operational activity. This role particularly focuses on the hiring experience.

People Operations Support Coordinator, Uber

This role is based in India, which means an international opportunity for the right person. The chief responsibility of the role is supporting the employees and managers in the Asia-Pacific region. This role is also responsible for the entire onboarding lifecycle.

Head of People Operations, HelloFresh

This is a senior role that functions as the director of People Operations and reports to the VP of people. The role is responsible for the company’s employee experience platform. Looking to lead at a high-growth company? Ready to leverage data? Then this is your role.

People Operations Partner, Facebook

This St. Paul, Minnesota-based role fits into the company’s global POPS team that’s tasked with delivering a seamless and positive employee experience. The role is tasked with, among other things, enhancing the deployment of people processes and programs in order to improve the employee experience.

People Operations Specialist, Twitter

This 12-month contract role is based in Dublin, Ireland, but it’s focus is global. This role is all about offering seamless, employee-first support to employees and internal stakeholders in offices across the globe. If data is your thing, this is definitely a role worth looking into.

Senior Global People Operations Manager, SeatGeek

If sports and events are what you’re wild about, then this is the company for you. The People Ops role at SeatGeek is based in New York City and reports to the company’s chief people officer. The mission of this job is to optimize and scale processes as well as oversee people team projects.

Recruiting Manager, People Operations, HubSpot

You can’t get more “People Ops-y” than a POPS team with a mission to attract and empower people to do their best work. With a focus on hiring, you’ll be helping to bring the People Ops mindset to an employee’s very first interaction with the company — their hiring.

People Operations Lead, Walmart

Located in Brunswick, Georgia, the role is nested within human resources but is tasked with everything from helping Walmart prepare for the future to providing and supporting development opportunities for associates.

People Operations Strategist, Hootsuite

This remote Hootsuite role hinges on building effective processes and achieving alignment across teams. The best part? They also want the new hire to be responsible for creating an internal center for people enablement and experience — a fun challenge!

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