Top 6 Benefits Employees Are Seeking in 2022

As the world of work continues to change rapidly, employees are changing their expectations of the benefits they want from their employers.


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Top 6 Benefits Employees are Seeking in 2022

Within the last couple of years, a lot has changed about how we work. The COVID-19 pandemic has made us rethink the idea of a traditional workplace. It has affected our decision-making processes, our lifestyles, and even our worldviews.

With many employees now working from home, the landscape of work has likely changed forever. Companies have sought to leverage technology to get the most out of employees while ensuring that they are kept safe from the virus. While some businesses have flourished, many more have been negatively affected by these changing times.

The pandemic didn’t just bring about job or career changes for many people — job seekers now look for remote jobs that allow them some level of control of their time. Consequently, workers’ views of the best employee benefits have also changed. Workers are looking for benefits that suit the times. With that in mind, we have checked the latest trends and highlighted the top 6 benefits employees are seeking in 2022.

Top 6 employee benefits trends for 2022

Here are the top employee benefits to look out for and consider this year.

Flexible schedules

In this new era, flexibility has become important to job seekers and employees. This is because employees these days face a plethora of personal and professional responsibilities. They have to balance a work-life relationship that has become overly entangled. That’s why many workers are actively seeking jobs that let them have a flexible schedule.

With about 60% of families with children having both parents working, work-life balance has never been more important. For these families, being able to work from home with a flexible schedule is nonnegotiable.

A flexible schedule, in the end, contributes to a higher quality of life. Employees believe they don’t have to put their careers on hold to focus on their families or education. For many workers, this is more valuable in the long run than a paycheck.

Home office budget

As the work-from-home arrangement becomes more permanent, employees desire a home office that works for them. This office would include things such as high-quality furniture, a comfy office chair, and all the office equipment they’ll need to be productive. This represents a significant expense for employees, and employers can assist them in creating their ideal workspace by providing a home-office budget.

According to a study from Catalyst, employees with access to remote and flexible work options are 63% more likely to report being innovative, 75% more likely to be engaged, and 68% more likely to have high organizational commitment. These employees also show a 30% decline in the inclination to look for a new job. This underscores the importance of a good work-from-home environment, and how it is key to getting a productive workforce.

employees with access to remote and flexible work options are 63% more likely to report being innovative, 75% more likely to be engaged, and 68% more likely to have high organizational commitment

Mental health provisions

During the pandemic-induced lockdown, the issue of mental health came to the forefront. A lot of people began to understand the need for mental health awareness and therapy. Employees and job seekers are now searching for mental health benefits such as extended therapy sessions, counselor access, and choices for mental health maintenance.

Anxiety and other mental health concerns can lead employees to lose focus, making it difficult to multitask and carry out day-to-day professional tasks. A recent study from the World Health Organization estimates that the global economy loses around $1 trillion every year due to reduced productivity from anxiety and mental health disorders.

The provision of mental health initiatives for employees would not only convince them that their employers have their best interests at heart but it would also ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.

Better healthcare

Healthcare is one of the most desired perks in the labor market right now. It’s also the most crucial benefit for new employees. In a survey from Fractl, health benefits topped the list of most-desired health benefits, just ahead of more flexible hours. For top talents, lowering healthcare costs is a significant selling point. When employees know that they are cared for without having to pay so much of their healthcare out of their own pockets, it reinforces that they are valued.

Childcare assistance

As we mentioned, nearly 60% of families with children have both parents working. Especially in an era where many kids have had to learn from home, the well-being of employees’ children is a major factor in contract talks.

Childcare costs can quickly add up, with 23% of average earnings from single parents and couples going toward caring for children while they work. Anything that helps to alleviate the burden is a good thing. Receiving corporate childcare assistance may be the only way for some families to afford childcare while being productive at work.

Better online protection

As more companies have their employees work from various locations over a variety of networks, the chance of experiencing data breaches only grows. In the new world of remote work, companies and employers must start looking into methods for providing company-wide internet security for their employees on work devices, whether at work or at home.

While employers can educate employees on the best ways to secure their online activities, they also need to provide the infrastructure and carry the costs of making such online security possible. This is actually in the best interest of employers, who have more to lose in the case of a data breach.

The bottom line

With the fast-paced growth occurring in the world of business, every employer needs to have their employees at the top of their game. And to get the best out of any employee, you need to make them feel appreciated. Making the best employee benefits available is one way to make this a priority. It might cost a little more up front, but it will save you in the long run when you attract and retain better employees. So, get ahead of these employee benefits trends for 2022 and get the best out of your workforce!


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