Ultimate People Operations ZIP File: The One Download to Rule Them All

Download our ultimate people operations ZIP file, which covers everything from onboarding new hires to setting up payroll.

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The Ultimate POPS Zip File (Free Download)
People operations made easier (and done right).

Here's what you need to know:

  • Onboarding templates are included to ensure your new hires start out right
  • Get help with creating a thorough employee handbook
  • Use the payroll report template to ensure your employees are paid correctly

Whether you’re pivoting from traditional human resources to people operations or you’re new to the practice of people ops, having the right tools is key to success.

From payroll and employee benefits to hiring, onboarding, and training, people operations covers a lot of ground. There’s a lot that those in POPs roles are responsible for, which can make them a daunting prospect for many.

Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone. While POPs is unique from HR in many ways, it does envelope some tried and true processes. Why reinvent the wheel when you can just borrow from those who have come before you?

We’re here to help. We’ve compiled some of our best and most effective resources in one easily downloadable and ready-to-use place. Inside our Ultimate People Operations ZIP File for Hiring and Onboarding, you’ll find guides, templates, checklists, and more. All of these resources are designed to help you navigate and document all of the business-critical work you’re responsible for.

Our People Operations ZIP file can help you manage all of the business-critical work you’re responsible for.

Whether these are new documents and ideas for you or you’re just not sure why you should abandon your decades-old spreadsheets, here’s why the download is definitely worth a click.

Onboarding template

When a new hire starts, the first real impression they’ll have of working at your company comes from the onboarding process. First, you’ll want to outline why your onboarding process is structured the way that it is. Which company goals does the process map to?

Then, you’ll want to optimize your onboarding process to ignite employee commitment and connection to the company from the very beginning. Your onboarding process should set them up with all of the information and resources they need to get started on the right foot.

Onboarding is, in many ways, the foundation on which employee success rests. If a new hire doesn’t learn what they need to during onboarding, their ability to properly navigate their work and the company will be seriously compromised.

Our customizable onboarding template can help you refine your process.

Our customizable onboarding template is designed to easily be configured to your specific onboarding needs. The best part is that it also covers how to measure the success of an onboarding process, so you can continue to reflect on and refine your process until it’s exactly how you want it to be.

Guide for creating an employee handbook

First, employee handbooks are a critical element for protecting your business. They often contain many of the legal information and disclosures a company is required to share with its employees.

Beyond that, though, the most important function of an employee handbook is to clearly outline your company’s processes, procedures, and policies. It’s not that an employee will be able to learn everything from one read, but that they have a handy and accessible resource that they can reference when they’re unsure about something.

Whether you haven’t come up with a handbook yet or you’re ready to revamp an outdated one, this guide will walk you through the process and make sure you don’t miss anything critical.

90-day new hire checklist

Did you know that more than half of voluntary turnover occurs within six months of a new hire’s start date? The first three months of a new hire’s experience is a critical time when they’ll either fit into the company and find success or decide they made a mistake and start eyeing the door.

This checklist, included in our People Operations ZIP file, was created to be used as a guide for those in onboarding-focused POPs roles to ensure success beyond initial training. It’s got checklists for everything from before a new hire actually starts to three months into the job. They’ll help you ensure that your new hires are prepared with everything they need to start day one off right. The checklists also outline a cadence for check-ins that range from the first day to the first 90 days.

Payroll report template

As anyone who knows anything about HR knows, payroll is complicated. Not only is it regulated, but it’s one business area where employees are (understandably) supercritical about. Missing paydays or goofing up pay periods or reporting on hours is a major headache. If you mess things up bad enough, it could also cost you your job.

Payroll report templates can help you ensure your staff are being paid on time and correctly.

So don’t go it alone! Our payroll report templates, found in our People Operations ZIP download, cover things like:

  • Instructions on how to use them
  • Labor distributions
  • Payroll register report templates

Plus, there are examples of other payroll reports included. That way you can easily see if a tweak here or there might be better for you and your business.

Specifically, the labor report dives into regular and overtime hours, reimbursements, deductions, employer contributions, and more. Finally, the payroll register report offers a summary view of:

  • Total earnings
  • Deductions
  • Contributions
  • Taxes
  • Total cost at the check level

Download the ZIP file today — your one stop shop with all the materials you’ll need to start using People Operations.

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