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The 5 Most Important Leadership Traits Your Managers Need to Have in 2023

Excellent managers have an influential role in retaining employees and helping to keep them engaged and productive. Here are the top 5 leadership qualities they should exhibit.

Projected Healthcare Costs for 2023

Read about how employers and private insurance holders are preparing for the predicted rise in costs for 2023 in the most innovative and careful ways possible.

What Employers and HR Leaders in Oregon and WA need to know about the new FMLA programs

In a rare move, the Oregon and Washington state agencies that oversee each state’s paid family and medical leave programs have issued joint guidance on how to make the employer contribution for family leave when more than one state is involved.

How to Set Goals for the New Year Using Data From Q4

As 2023 approaches, use these techniques with data and metrics from the final quarter of 2022 to set the basis for business goals for the next year.

Payroll Tax Rates and Benefits Plan Limits for 2023

New compliance rules are on the horizon for employers. Discover what you need to know about federal payroll tax rates and benefits plan limits for 2023.

Anti-Perks: How to Avoid Them and Get Employee Benefits Right for 2023

Have you heard of “anti-perks?” Many employers are offering them, but many employees don’t want them. Here are the perks and benefits workers actually want.

How the Inflation Reduction Act Will Affect Businesses and Workers

The Inflation Reduction Act will affect corporations more than small businesses in most cases. If you provide an ACA health plan or are in the energy industry, you may be eligible for tax credits.

Supplemental Benefits Your Employees May Need in 2023

Discover the types and advantages of supplemental benefits for both your employees and your business with this guide.

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