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HR Office Hours: An Empathetic Guide to Layoffs

In these turbulent times many businesses are looking for ways to cut costs. Sadly, that may mean layoffs for many SMBs. If your business is in this unfortunate position and must lay people off, here's an empathetic guide.

Payroll and Employee Compensation FAQs

Money is kind of a big deal. So it's natural to have questions about payroll.

How to Move an Employee from Full-Time to Part-Time

Life changes. Sometimes you - and your employees - have to change with it.

The Costs of Employee Misclassification

Getting hit with penalties hurts. Employee misclassification is a classic culprit.

Millennials in the Workplace: Reversing Negative Stereotypes

Millennials have earned the title of presumptuous and demanding, but from a slightly different perspective, these can be beneficial qualities.

Do You Offer Health Insurance To Employees?

Do you offer health insurance to your employees? This quick read will help you navigate the in's and out's of offering health insurance and explore when to offer it.

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