Where are the Top Places to Post a Job?

LinkedIn, Indeed or Glassdoor? Learn which platform is best for posting a job, plus insight on how much it will cost.

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Finding the right job as a candidate can be a challenge, but finding the best fit for your small or mid-size business can, at times, seem impossible.

There are a lot of ways to share your job description ⁠— let’s take a look at the top 3 job posting websites.

LinkedIn is a market leader when it comes to finding top talent. Other job posting websites, like Glassdoor and Indeed, could represent an advantageous alternative. Here’s why …


Indeed is currently the world’s largest job posting site with over 250 million job seekers. Available in 50 countries worldwide, the website allows you to post jobs for free, and manage candidates and schedule interviews from within your Indeed account. They also provide a resume database where you can search for and send messages to job seekers, alerting them to apply to your job posting.


Glassdoor, on the other hand, is very unique because it provides current and former employee insight in terms of reviews and annual compensation. It allows job seekers to maximize their potential in value and in the process help businesses attract more top candidates on a constant basis. In addition, it also provides a “job map tool,” which gives your business the opportunity to post jobs that can be viewed on a larger scale by job seekers throughout the state and across the country.  As candidates continue to expand their horizons, the job map tool could potentially be a game changer.

What do they cost?

From a general perspective, pricing will always be a huge factor when it comes to hiring.

Indeed offers a click-sponsored job posting model, which means your cost per click can range anywhere from $0.10 to over $5 per click. Please keep in mind this is not per post. You’re actually paying for each job seeker that clicks on your post, even if they do not submit an application.

Glassdoor’s job posting cost process is a bit different ranging between $64.50 and $249 per job, depending on the package you select. For example, their standard plan distributes jobs to 55 million monthly job seekers across 100+ boards.

LinkedIn offers a more expensive pricing structure, charging businesses around $495 per job post for a 30-day listing.

Are some job posting sites better than others by industry? Company Size? Region?

The answer to this question is no. The best job posting sites available — including Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn — cover nearly every industry in the country. For example, a candidate applying for a job at a tech company would use Glassdoor just as likely as if they were applying for a job at a construction company.

This process allows millions of candidates to focus on applying to 1 to 3 job posting sites versus hundreds. In order to be a competitive job posting site you must be able to accommodate to any industry, which is something they all do very well.

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