Where to Find an All-in-One California Workplace Safety Poster

Compliance with OSHA and workplace safety regulations is essential. Here’s what California employers need to know and where to find the best poster.


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Where to Find an All-in-One California Workplace Safety Poster

Workplace safety is crucial in keeping you and your employees safe. You must display workplace safety posters if you own or manage a California business. They provide information about the rights and benefits of employees and break down these complicated topics in a way everyone can understand.

Unfortunately, these posters’ state and federal rules and regulations can be confusing. So how can you ensure your business is compliant? Get a poster that includes everything required by the State of California and OSHA (the Occupational Safety & Health Administration),

There are places where you can find helpful workplace safety posters, and you might be tempted to print out multiple posters to cover the bases. But instead, you can get an all-in-one poster from California that covers both California and federal poster requirements by clicking here.

The importance of workplace safety posters in California

The law requires all companies in California to post a workplace safety poster. This poster should provide employees with information on their rights and the employer’s responsibilities.

Employees must be aware of workplace safety posters because they contain information about the hazards in the work environment and how to identify them and prevent accidents. Most importantly, they tell you what to do if an accident does occur.

Workplace safety posters are also helpful because they can help prevent injuries and reduce worker’s compensation costs — which means that keeping up with annual updates is great for saving on insurance premiums.

Why does my company need OSHA?

Before OSHA, around 15,000 workers would die on the job every year. It was reported that in the previous 25 years, 400,000 workers were killed on the job, with another 50 million suffering from disabilities due to on-the-job injuries.

The need to protect workers was clear, and in 1970 lawmakers passed the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act), becoming effective in 1971. As a result, OSHA began developing standards for workplace safety.

They set the first standards, many of which are in effect today, with the list growing when necessary. As a result, workplace deaths decreased by 50%, and work-related injuries decreased by 40% since OSHA’s establishment.

Why you should abide by California/OSHA safety laws

There are many reasons to abide by California’s OSHA safety laws, but the most important is that it can save lives. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2020, there were 4,764 fatal work injuries in the United States.

That’s an average of 13 deaths each day. Many of these fatalities could have been prevented if employers and workers had followed proper safety procedures.

Other reasons to obey California OSHA safety laws include:

  • It’s the law. Employers who don’t follow California’s OSHA safety guidelines can receive heavy fines or even have to shut down.
  • It makes good business sense. A safe workplace is a productive workplace. Employees who feel safe at work are happier and less likely to take time off for injuries.
  • It protects your employees.

What are the consequences of not following suit?

You and your managers have to inform your employees of their right to make a complaint to OSHA if exposed to hazardous working conditions. OSHA will keep your confidentiality.

Employees have a legal right to file complaints without fear of retaliation or dismissal. If employees are suspended, demoted, or terminated, they’re entitled to due process of law.

California leads the nation in worker safety

California administers the most extensive OSHA plan in the nation and consistently exceeds its inspection goals to protect millions of workers yearly. Here’s where Cal/OSHA compares with the rest of the United States:

  • Cal/OSHA conducts more surveys than any other state.
  • Cal/OSHA found 18,896 hazards creating safer working conditions for 8.4 million employees.
  • Cal/OSHA’s enforcement and outreach led to a lower fatality rate than the national rate in 2018 (2.3 deaths per 100,000 full-time workers as opposed to 3.5 per 100,000).

How to find your California workplace safety poster

When looking for an all-in-one work safety poster, it’s important to remember that not all posters are created equal. Some companies only sell you a partial set of California workplace safety posters.

This means that instead of getting everything you need to follow state regulations, you’ll be missing out on some critical information.

It’s also possible to try making your own set of California workplace safety posters yourself or downloading them from the internet. But this strategy may not yield the desired results because it isn’t always easy or safe (or legal) for employees or employers alike.

You can, however, find workplace safety posters at various locations, both online and in stores. For example, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) offers a variety of posters on its website, which you can download for free.

Brick-and-mortar stores also sell workplace safety posters and other safety-related items like first-aid kits and hard hats. It’s important to review the safety information these posters provide so that employees know the risks associated with their job and how to complete their tasks safely.

You also need to make sure that your poster covers all required information.

What are federal OSHA regulations for workplace posters?

OSHA has specific requirements for workplace safety posters. For example, the agency requires that employers provide every employee with a poster or other notice of the OSHA standards at their worksite and any additional exposure hazards.

Employers must display these posters conspicuously at each workplace where employees can see them. They must be visible enough so that each affected employee can readily read and understand all the information.

Employers must display these posters conspicuously at each workplace where employees can see them.

OSHA regulations are federal, but California has its own rules and poster requirements. Therefore, your business must have approved posters that adhere to both sets of laws if you want to stay in compliance with federal and state laws.

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Stay compliant with OSHA and workplace safety

One of the best ways to keep your employees safe is by keeping all the most up-to-date information on workplace safety notices in 1 convenient place. Posters can do just that.

While workplace safety programs are essential for protecting the health of your business and employees, California employers have many different regulations regarding workplace posters.

Keep it simple. To ensure compliance is straightforward and less expensive, we recommend getting an all-in-one poster that includes everything required by federal and state law. By staying compliant, your workforce and your wallet will thank you.


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