The Daily Rundown: Where Should Working Dads Live?

The best states for working dads, construction jobs are rising, and the EEOC investigations may be dropping.


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The Daily Rundown

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Today, the best states for working dads, construction jobs are rising, and the EEOC investigations may be dropping.

The Best States for Dad to Work

Just in time for Father’s Day, WalletHub developed 22 indicators of friendliness to working dads and ranked all the states and the District of Columbia by the results. The indicators were spread across categories like employment levels for fathers, child care and work-life balance.

According to the rankings, Massachusetts took the top spot, followed by Connecticut, New Jersey, Vermont and Minnesota. At the bottom of the list was Louisiana.

The Number: 93%. Ninety-three percent of dads with kids under 18 are employed, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The Quote: “Today, two-thirds of family households depend on two incomes. And the contemporary dad no longer fits neatly into the standard of the married breadwinner and disciplinarian.”

Construction Employment is Up

Employment in the construction sector is up in most of the country. Employment grew in 358 out of 466 metropolitan areas. The numbers are a comparison of April 2019 to April 2018.

The Number: 16,600. The Phoenix-Mesa area added the most construction jobs in the past year at 16,600.

The Quote: “Many firms report they would have hired even more employees if only they could find enough qualified workers.”

Workplace Discrimination Investigations Decreasing

According to a report by Vox, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has doubled the number of workplace discrimination complaints in its low-priority track. They argue those are far less likely to be investigated.

The Number: 13%. Thirteen percent of all the complaints the EEOC closed last year resulted in a settlement.

The Quote: “I think they’re looking for slam dunks.”

What? No Onboarding Checklist?

Onboarding is an easy way to mess up the beginning of any employee relationship. Steps are easy to miss. But a good onboarding checklist is your way of staying on top of your game.


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