Bella Lazzareschi

After working in the field of psychology research for years, Bella loves sharing what she's learned in a more directly impactful context. She's interested in the intersection of people and business, and wants to promote conversations about HR. She's an amateur ceramicist, pro dog walker, and produces podcasts on the side.

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Transform the Employee Experience with These 5 Onboarding Resources

A strong onboarding process can improve employee productivity and retention. Leverage these onboarding resources to enhance your employee experience.

The Payroll Setup Checklist: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Between browsing different platforms, managing your employee data, and conducting the appropriate research, switching payroll systems has a lot of moving parts. Here's our comprehensive payroll setup checklist.

How Did We Get Here? Solving the Gender Wage Gap

Zenefits examined data from over 1,400 employees and owners of Small and Mid-Sized Businesses to determine how best to approach the gender wage gap.

Unlimited PTO: Pros, Cons, and Considerations

There are three paid time off options to offer your employees: traditional, flexible, and unlimited. While there are pros and cons to all three options, unlimited PTO is a swiftly growing trend for many of the most competitive companies. Here's everything you need to know about this popular policy.

An Over 30’s Guide to Recruiting Millennials

Millennials are changing the way top companies are recruiting. Here are the top 3 questions to expect when recruiting Millennials.

Top Rated Fringe Benefits in 2018 (and other statistics you should know)

Here are the biggest statistics surrounding small business fringe benefits, from original data. Download our fringe benefits guide to learn more!

What I Learned From My Week of Remote Work (Not for my manager’s consumption)

Our whole team worked remotely for an entire week. We learned a bit more than we thought we would. Here are the do's (and dont's) of remote work.

HMO vs. PPO: What’s the Difference?

HMO vs. PPO - which health plan is right for you? The biggest difference: HMOs cost less and PPOs have more flexibility. Find out how else they compare.

Vermont Passed Legislation to Become a Remote Work Haven. Here’s Why the Bill’s Author Says it will Work

This July, a new piece of legislation will take effect, encouraging more young professionals to pursue remote work from the state of Vermont. Zenefits sits down with the author of the bill, Vermont Senator Virginia Lyons, to get the scoop.

What is the ABC test for contractors?

The ABC test was named such for its three-pronged definition (prongs A, B, and C) of a contractor. Here's the definition of a contractor under this law, and here are the implications.