Bella Lazzareschi

After working in the field of psychology research for years, Bella loves sharing what she's learned in a more directly impactful context. She's interested in the intersection of people and business, and wants to promote conversations about HR. She's an amateur ceramicist, pro dog walker, and produces podcasts on the side.

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What You Need to Know About California’s New ABC Contractor Law

Recently, California established a new law to help define its definition of an "independent contractor" and how that differs from a full-time employee. Here’s what you need to know about California’s new “ABC” Contractor law.

Building a Positive Culture from the Ground Up | 5 Pro Hiring Tips

To stay competitive in today’s talent market, your organization needs a positive culture that sets your team apart. Here are the 5 hiring tips to get there.

Onboarding Musts: explaining health insurance

While only 9% of the US population has an understanding of basic health insurance terms, 46% of employees say their HR departments are the best sources of health insurance information. Download our eBook for an appendix of healthcare terms and a break-down of popular health insurance plans, such as PPOs and HMOs.

Recruiting for Diversity in the Workplace

Silicon Valley is shockingly homogenous and may be getting worse. Diversity in the workplace is not only ethical, but it’s also financially beneficial. So, how do you promote diversity beyond surface-level statistics? Here are some techniques to promote diversity and inclusion.

People Analytics in the Recruitment Process

One of the largest growing trends in the HR world today is “people analytics,” or the data analysis techniques applied to understanding and improving processes that affect employees, job-seekers, performance management, and everything human capital. These tools have become crucial for recruiting talent-- here's why.

Health Insurance Trends | HMOs, PPOs, and HSAs

If you own a small business, you highly value your employees and want to offer them the best health insurance package available. But determining which plans are the best fit can be hard. That's why we're offering our second annual benchmark report on health insurance-- download it here for free!

Health Insurance Benchmark Report | Premiums and Contributions

Zenefits brings you fresh benchmarking data from 4,000 of our customers. Download our eBook and learn about different health insurance packages which similar small and midsize businesses are offering all over the country.

Representation Matters | Beth Steinberg and the Women of Zenefits

Representation matters-- specifically the representation of women in traditionally male-dominated fields. Zenefits sits down with Beth Steinberg, who talks of increasing the representation of women in Bay Area companies. 

How to Start an Employee Resource Group in 5 Steps

From booking guests to hosting book club discussions, Zenewomen is always planning something fun and educational. In the name of International Women’s Day (cue the confetti), we’re proud to exhibit one of our most successful employee resource groups and give you a sept-by-stop guide to build your own!

Sabbatical Leave: Should Your Company Offer It?

Offering sabbatical leave is a great way to hire and retain valuable employees and also provide them with the work-life balance they need.