Bella Lazzareschi

After working in the field of psychology research for years, Bella loves sharing what she's learned in a more directly impactful context. She's interested in the intersection of people and business, and wants to promote conversations about HR. She's an amateur ceramicist, pro dog walker, and produces podcasts on the side.

25 articles

The Shift in Performance Management

Traditional performance reviews are morphing into more holistic conversations about goals, strengths, and growth. Here's how to turn your performance management system into lightweight coaching sessions to promote employee engagement and save you time and resources.

Harmful Micromanagement: How to Switch to an Autonomous Workplace

We’ve all had a boss who put the “manager” in “micromanager.” While many think this is a way to keep employees focused and productive, various studies have demonstrated just the opposite. Here's a look at how to boost morale and productivity by switching to an autonomous workplace.

Gamification in HR: Does it Work?

Gamification has grown exponentially in the past decade. Now that this phenomenon has had time to develop in the public sphere and integrate into the workplace, we’re able to assess its efficacy: has gamification actually shown results? Here's the overview of when gamification works and when it doesn't.

The Costly Effects of Stress in the Workplace

One of the largest issues that affects all employees in the workforce, regardless of their position or company, is self-care-- both physical and mental. Learn the financial impacts of employee stress.

Thinking Outside the Bots: AI in the Workplace

Hollywood does get one thing right about human-robot stories: it all starts with conversation. Learn the benefits of AI in the workplace.