Bud Bowlin

Bud Bowlin ran his own benefits agency for over 15 years and was regional manager at Rogers Benefit Group for over 20 years. Combined with time in the military and law enforcement, Bud has an expansive career of serving others. Having just celebrated his 72nd birthday, Bud is now focused on the Zenefits transition from being a digital broker to being a world-class provider of HCM SaaS software to companies. He has never felt younger.

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After health insurance, what’s the second most important fringe benefit to provide your employees?

Disability insurance is remarkably inexpensive and is well worth the peace of mind it provides both you and your employees.

Can Business Create a Cure for Affordable Healthcare?

Last month, Jeff Bezos, Jamie Dimon and Warren Buffett when they agreed to throw in together to try to improve the healthcare for nearly 900,000 combined employees. While this is a task of gargantuan proportions, these leaders have the knowledge needed to make meaningful changes. Here's what you should know.

All I Want for Christmas is my FSA account Renewed!

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) allow employees to put pre-tax income into an account to help cover qualified health expenses like copays & prescriptions.

The Top 20 Health Benefits Questions Asked (and Answered)

Health benefits can often be wildly confusing. Get the top 20 health benefits questions asked and answered for employers.

How Do Medicare Benefits Coordinate with My Group Health Insurance Plan?

As a company health plan sponsor, what advice should you be giving employees turning 65? Find out how Medicare works with group health insurance plans.

What’s Better for My Business: A Self-Funded or Traditional Health Insurance Plan?

Benefits Advisor Bud Bowlin breaks down the difference between self-funded health plans and traditional health insurance plans.

Why Should My Small Business Offer Employees a Health Savings Account?

Offering employees a health savings account can be a win-win situation. In this article, we break down why it's a good thing for employees and employers.

Two Things Every Insured Employee Should Know

As an employer, if you’ve been constantly asked about networks and available providers by employees, this week's insurance column is for you.

What is COBRA, and What Are The Top Questions Employers Ask About It?

What is COBRA, how does it work, and who is eligible? Benefits Advisor Bud Bowlin breaks down some of the top FAQs employers ask about COBRA.

What’s the Most Important Characteristic of a Health Insurance Plan?

Deductibles, office visit copays, coinsurance and other copays like Emergency and Urgent care all count towards the Out-of-Pocket Maximum.