Bud Bowlin

Bud Bowlin ran his own benefits agency for over 15 years and was regional manager at Rogers Benefit Group for over 20 years. Combined with time in the military and law enforcement, Bud has an expansive career of serving others. Having just celebrated his 72nd birthday, Bud is now focused on the Zenefits transition from being a digital broker to being a world-class provider of HCM SaaS software to companies. He has never felt younger.

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How Do I Know What Prescription Drugs Are Covered in My Health Plan?

Curious about what prescription drugs are covered in your plan? Our benefits guru, Bud Bowlin, weighs in on drug insurance.

How Many Hours Can Seasonal Employees Work Before Needing Insurance Coverage?

Benefits advisor Bud Bowlin advises on the max hours seasonal employees can work before employers are legally required to offer insurance under the ACA.

What’s the Average Employer Benefit Contribution?

Employer benefit contributions vary widely by company size, industry, and other factors. Bud gives the national averages and context for the differences.

Recognizing the Big Impact of Small Business Owners

Small business success has been made a little easier with support from organizations like the Small Business Administration (SBA).

How Do Brokers Choose Insurance Plans?

Bud provides an introduction to how brokers do what they do. Learn the general parameters your broker uses in the insurance plan selection process.

What Should I Know About Offering Group Term Life Insurance?

Bud explains group term life insurance, including the differences between basic and voluntary and term and perm life insurance.

What Are The Pros And Cons of “Grossing Up” Employee Salaries With Short Term Disability Plans?

If Disability (STD or LTD) premiums are paid pre-tax, then benefits will be taxed. Read why in this post.

Are All Dental Insurance Plans The Same?

Did you know that dental insurance is made up of 3-4 different parts? Bud explains good dental coverage and what to look out for when selecting a plan.

Why Should I Offer My Employees Short Term Disability Insurance?

Short Term Disability (STD) is one of the fastest-growing benefits. It’s critical to the financial health of the family, and less expensive than you think!

Ask a Zenefits Advisor: What’s the Difference Between In-Network and Out-of-Network Deductibles?

On your health insurance explanation of benefits, you may see two deductibles. Bud explains the difference between in- and out-of-network deductibles.