Bud Bowlin

Bud Bowlin ran his own benefits agency for over 15 years and was regional manager at Rogers Benefit Group for over 20 years. Combined with time in the military and law enforcement, Bud has an expansive career of serving others. Having just celebrated his 72nd birthday, Bud is now focused on the Zenefits transition from being a digital broker to being a world-class provider of HCM SaaS software to companies. He has never felt younger.

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Ask a Zenefits Advisor: Does a Change From Part-Time to Full-Time Affect Health Insurance Eligibility?

You may change an employee from part-time to full-time status. Here’s what you need to know about lookback periods and health insurance eligibility.

Ask a Zenefits Advisor: How Do I Add My Spouse to Health Insurance

Getting married? Congrat! Focus on your wedding plans, not your dependent coverage. Bud explains how to easily add your spouse to your health insurance.

Ask a Zenefits Advisor: Are We Required to Cover Insurance Mandates For Out-of-State Employees?

Out-of-state employees can add a level of complexity to your insurance. Here’s what you need to know about out-of-state insurance mandates and your policy.

Ask a Zenefits Advisor: How Do We Handle a College Student’s Change in Work Status?

College students often have variable hours & their insurance eligibility doesn’t always match the IRS’s seasonal employee guidelines. Bud steps in to help.

You’ve Got 99 Problems (But Your Broker Shouldn’t Be One)

Here are five of the top concerns clients have with brokers, along with how your broker should be addressing them.

Ask a Zenefits Advisor: What are Ancillary Benefits, and How Should I Prioritize Them?

Ancillary benefits like dental, vision, disability, and life insurance are part of a competitive benefits package. Bud explains what employers should offer.

Ask a Zenefits Advisor: Can I Remove Employees From Benefits if Their Hours Drop?

An accurate headcount is crucial to compliance. Bud explains how to use the lookback period to determine your amount of full-time employees.

Ask a Zenefits Advisor: How Can We Set Up a Fair Telecommuting Policy?

Thinking about allowing some employees to work remote? Here’s what you need to know about setting up a telecommuting policy at your company.

Ask a Zenefits Advisor: How Can I Perform a Year-End Health Benefits Checkup?

Bud lays out an end-of-year health benefits checkup, including things for employees and employers to do before 2016 is here.

Ask a Zenefits Advisor: How Hard is it to Administer a 401(k) Plan?

Never let an administrative burden stand in the way of a great benefit! Bud discusses solutions for managing a 401k plan.