Bud Bowlin

Bud Bowlin ran his own benefits agency for over 15 years and was regional manager at Rogers Benefit Group for over 20 years. Combined with time in the military and law enforcement, Bud has an expansive career of serving others. Having just celebrated his 72nd birthday, Bud is now focused on the Zenefits transition from being a digital broker to being a world-class provider of HCM SaaS software to companies. He has never felt younger.

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Health Care Sharing Ministries can be a form of managing medical costs, and they're gaining popularity with religious non-profits.

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Benefits Advisor Bud Bowlin clarifies whether the ACA affordable health coverage mandate applies to your employees’ spouses and dependents.

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Age and location are the main metrics used to calculate insurance rates. Insurance carriers deny this, but rate setting is more of an art than a science.

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There are a few parts of a health insurance plan that everybody ought to know. Once you understand these 5 terms, you’ll have a major advantage.

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Seasonal businesses may require health insurance and business insurance. Having a business compliance strategy is no longer an option; it’s a necessity.

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An HSA is a powerful tool for accumulating wealth to offset future expenses and a must-have piece of a competitive employee benefits package.

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Find out what multi-state employers need to know about health insurance so your company stays compliant across state lines!