Caitlin Dowling

Caitlin is a content marketing manager who loves telling small business success stories. When she’s not tweeting at industry influencers, you can find her crafting pickles and exploring San Francisco.

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What Goes In a New Hire Welcome Email [Template]

Jumpstart your new hire's first day by engaging them from day one. Follow our step by step guide on how to write a great new hire welcome email that will make your new teammate feel welcome!

How to Drive Employee Engagement

When employers invest in employee engagement, everyone wins. Learn how to celebrate your team through recognition that will boost morale, retention, and your bottom line.

How to Engage, Motivate and Coach Your Team

The key to business success isn't long hours and all-nighters, but rather through engaging and supporting your employees so they can do their best work.

What is 'Career Coaching' & Should I Try It?

Employees are increasingly looking for learning and development opportunities at work - discover how career coaching engages many and builds community.

Preparing for mid-year open enrollment

Prepare for mid-year open enrollment with our simplified timeline and a handy refresher on what is required during this process for employers and employees.

6.5 Essential Reads To Gift Your Growing Team

Looking for a team read? Find 6.5 inspiring, motivating and topical reads for getting your team in sync on your business priorities.

5 Refreshing TEDTalks To Rejuvenate Your Work

Find inspiration and a fresh outlook this spring with 5 invigorating TEDTalks.

31 Inspiring Quotes To Help You Lead Great Teams

Enjoy 31 curated inspiring quotes from innovators across all industries, on everything from leadership to gratitude and learning from failure.