Catherine Tansey

Catherine Tansey

Catherine is a freelance writer based in Oaxaca. She writes about human capital trends, emerging tech, and the future of work. When she’s not writing, Catherine’s evangelizing remote work and improving her Spanish. Like many New Englanders, her first job was at a local Dunkin’ Donuts.

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Navigating workers’ compensation, civil suits, and OSHA violations in the age of COVID-19.

Return to Work: Should Your Business Implement Travel Restrictions? [With Sample Memo]

As some states begin to ease shelter in place restrictions, and economies begin to re-open, what can you legally require from your employees when it comes to travel?

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The Role of HR in Compliance

HR departments aren’t just responsible for recruiting and benefits — they ensure companies meet their legal obligations when it comes to compliance, inside of the HR function and out.

Can Employee Handbooks Help With Compliance?

Creating an employee handbook may feel daunting, but it’s a way for small business owners to share their company culture, communicate policies, and cover key compliance laws.

Pitfalls of the Paycheck Protection Program

The Paycheck Protection Program is out of money. For the the small businesses that were able to secure a loan, they could face some drawbacks due to some flaws in the program

Ethical Culture at Work Goes Beyond Committing to Compliance

Are you committed to an ethical culture? If so, here are ways to show that you mean it through compliance with regulations.

Outsourcing HR Compliance: What are the Benefits?

Your small business can avoid the common pitfalls of compliance with HR tech and outside expert help.

You’re Approved for Payroll Protection Program Loan Funds. Now What?

What to do after you receive your Paycheck Protection Program loan