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Cigna + Oscar brings together the power of Cigna's nationwide and local provider networks, and Oscar’s member-focused experience, to deliver small group health insurance that understands the unique needs of small businesses and their employees.

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When Is It Safe to Return to Work After Having COVID-19?

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A Starter Guide to Small Business Health Benefits

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Small Business Health Insurance Costs: How Pricing Works

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As a small business owner, health insurance doesn't have to break your bottom line.

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Survey: How COVID-19 is Transforming Small Business Health Insurance Needs

How has COVID-19 impacted the health of businesses, and how are businesses thinking about the health of their employees?

Getting Back to Work During COVID-19

Navigate the transition back to work safely with these tips and guidelines.

COVID-19: A Small Business Guide for Getting Back to Work

Here's how to ensure your back-to-work plans focus on keeping your employees healthy and workplace safe.