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Cinnamon Janzer is a journalist and content writer based in Minneapolis. She has been a valued writer for Workest since 2019.

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An employer's guide to bereavement leave, and what it means to your business

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What are pre-tax benefits? This article defines pre-tax benefits, the types of savings they provide, and how they differ from post-tax benefits.

What Is Bereavement Leave? A Quick Guide

Bereavement leave is intended to help employees grieve when dealing with the loss of a loved one. Learn what is required as employer in this short guide.

The Essentials of the Small Business Employee Handbook

What is a small business employee handbook and what are the benefits of writing one? Find out what belongs in your company handbook.

What You Should Know About Flexible Paid Time Off

Many companies are offering flexible paid time off. Learn what a flexible PTO is and how it differs from unlimited PTO policies.

What the FICA? The Social Security Payroll Tax Cap for 2019

HR is brimming with acronyms, which can be hard to keep up with. Here we'll explore FICA, COLA, and the new social security payroll tax cap for 2019.

New York Employers Now Must Offer 3 Hours of Paid Voting Leave

New York employers must now offer a minimum of 3 hours paid voting leave for each of their employees. Here are the 5 states with similar laws.

What to do If You Make a Mistake In Your Job Offer Letter

Sending a job offer letter is a more important process than many realize. Here's how to do it right-- and what to do if you make a mistake.