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Cinnamon Janzer is a journalist and content writer based in Minneapolis. She has been a valued writer for Workest since 2019.

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What Are The Differences in a Roth vs. Traditional IRA?

Here’s the basic information you and your employees need to make an informed decision to on whether to start a roth vs. traditional IRA.

How to Construct the Perfect Performance Management System

When managing people, you can't always expect top performance. To improve, read these crucial steps in crafting the perfect performance management system.

What is a 5498-SA Tax Form?

The 5498-SA form tracks contributions to Medicare Advantage medical savings accounts among other things. Here's what you need to know to stay compliant.

What’s an Employee Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)?

A performance improvement plan (PIP) is a formal document to track performance issues you are having with employees, and what the employee needs to increase productivity or follow procedure.

Should My Business Convert to Agile?

Millennials are demanding more flexibility in their work schedules. But what about in other aspects of their work? Cue the agile work environment.

New Hire Training 101

There are two core functions to new hire training: what the recruits want to know and what they need to know. Here's the breakdown.

How Much PTO is Too Much PTO?

How much PTO is appropriate if your company has an unlimited PTO policy? Well, let’s start with how much time off most Americans have to gauge this answer.

Do I Qualify for Medicare?

Healthcare is hardly an easy topic to navigate these days. And floating around in the sea of healthcare questions: who qualifies for Medicare?

How to Write the Perfect Job Description

Attracting the right hire to your team starts long before your recruit enters the building. Learn how to craft the perfect job description today.

What Goes In an Offer Letter from Employer to Employee

What can include in an offer letter can depend on your stage of growth, type of employee, commissions, bonuses, and more. Confused? Here's where to start.